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Giant Right Atrial Myxoma Associated With Thrombocytopaenia.
Heart, Lung & Circulation; Disney L, Gunn T et. al.

Jun 29th, 2021 - Giant Right Atrial Myxoma Associated With Thrombocytopaenia.|2021|Disney L,Gunn T,Klimkina O,Keshavamurthy S,|

Carney complex: left atrial myxoma in a patient with past pituitary microadenoma and le...
BMJ Case Reports; Spindel J, Mathbout MF et. al.

Jun 26th, 2021 - The Carney complex (CNC) is a rare autosomal dominant genetic complex that is characterised by multiple neoplasms consisting of neuroendocrine and cardiac tumours, with only 750 cases reported worldwide as of 2017. Cardiac tumours, in the context ...

Atypical interstitial granuloma annulare: a possible uncommon systemic manifestation of...
The Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh; Dhakal M, Yeoh WC et. al.

Jun 17th, 2021 - A 73-year-old man presented with lower back pain and bilateral palmar lesions. Urine culture grew Streptococcus agalactiae and C-reactive protein was raised. He was treated with antibiotics for urinary tract infection with suspected pyelonephritis...

A novel mutation in PRKAR1A gene in a patient with Carney complex presenting with pitui...
Archives of Endocrinology and Metabolism; Ghazi AA, Mandegar MH et. al.

May 4th, 2021 - Carney complex (CNC) is a rare syndrome of multiple endocrine and non-endocrine tumors. In this paper we present a 23-year-old Iranian woman with CNC who harbored a novel mutation (c.642dupT) in PRKAR1A gene. This patient presented with pituitary ...

Unusual Presentation of Atrial Myxoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.
The American Journal of Case Reports; Jaravaza DR, Lalla U et. al.

May 4th, 2021 - BACKGROUND Although rare, atrial myxoma is the most common benign cardiac tumor. The recognized triad of presenting symptoms relates to constitutional, embolic, and obstructive effects produced by the tumor. However, the presentation may be non-sp...

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Prediction of AF in ESUS

Oct 17th, 2018 - A new clinical entity termed Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source (ESUS) was recently introduced by the Cryptogenic Stroke/ESUS International Working Group, which describes stroke patients for whom the source of embolism remains undetected despit...

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Laugier-Hunziker Syndrome

Sep 29th, 2017 - Benign hyperpigmentation of the lips and fingers has been reported. 1 The average age of onset of LHS is 52 years, and it typically is diagnosed in white adults.

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