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A case report: pseudoxanthoma elasticum diagnosed based on ocular angioid streaks and t...
BMC Ophthalmology; Cui C, Zhou Z et. al.

Aug 25th, 2021 - This article is a case report of pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE) which was diagnosed based on significant angioid streaks (AS) with choroidal neovascularization (CNV) and regain normal visual function by intravitreal injection with Conbercept. A 51...

Adult-onset BEST1-Vitelliform Dystrophy Associated with Angioid Streak-like Changes in ...
Retinal Cases & Brief Reports; Li Y, Bracha P et. al.

May 19th, 2021 - To describe the association between autosomal dominant Best disease and peripapillary angioid streak-like changes. Case report of two siblings. A 76-year-old Caucasian male was referred for evaluation of bilateral macular changes and worsening vis...

Genotype-phenotype correlation in pseudoxanthoma elasticum.
Atherosclerosis Bartstra JW, Risseeuw S et. al.

Apr 4th, 2021 - Pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE) is caused by variants in the ABCC6 gene. It results in calcification in the skin, peripheral arteries and the eyes, but has considerable phenotypic variability. We investigated the association between the ABCC6 genot...

Case Report: Alagille Syndrome Presenting with Angioid Streaks.
Optometry and Vision Science : Official Publication of Th... Katsoulos KF, Kapsala Z et. al.

Feb 23rd, 2021 - Alagille syndrome is rare genetic disease, which affects liver and heart function. Cases are frequently diagnosed late, and a complete ocular examination aids in the diagnosis. Although ophthalmic manifestations are usually benign, occasionally, s...

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A 66-Year-Old Woman With Central Vision Loss

Nov 2nd, 2016 - Paget disease of the bone, formerly known as osteitis deformans, is characterized by an accelerated rate of bone remodeling. The resultant overgrowth and impaired integrity of bone can lead to pain related to osteoarthritis or nerve impingement an...

A curious case study
The Journal of Family Practice; Gustavo Vasquez, MD

The patient’s signs and symptoms: Skin folds on the neck Decreasing visual acuity Skin biopsy showing irregular aggregates of clumped, thickened, elastic fibers in the papillary and reticular dermis A 21-year-old woman came to the British American.

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