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Endovascular treatment of a traumatic carotid cavernous fistula concomitant with intrac...
World Neurosurgery; Ma Y, Li Z et. al.

Mar 3rd, 2023 - Endovascular treatment of a traumatic carotid cavernous fistula concomitant with intracranial pseudoaneurysm by flow diverter, 2-dimensional operative video.|2023|Ma Y,Li Z,Zhao W,|

Robotic-guided direct transtemporal embolization of an indirect carotid cavernous fistula.
Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery; Karas PJ, Lee JE et. al.

Jan 11th, 2023 - A middle-aged patient presented with right-sided chemosis, exophthalmos, and progressive visual loss. Digital subtraction angiography revealed a type D carotid-cavernous fistula (CCF). Transarterial embolization through the internal maxillary arte...

Cortico-hypothalamic pathway of Horner syndrome derived from isolated lenticulostriate ...
Clinical Autonomic Research : Official Journal of the Cli... Wu L, Luo M et. al.

Dec 13th, 2022 - Horner syndrome presents with ipsilateral ptosis, miosis, and anhidrosis due to interruption of the oculosympathetic pathway. Patients with acute ischemic stroke may present with Horner syndrome, which may help locate the lesion. However, the unde...

Hemicranial postural headache as a first symptom of a spontaneous carotid cavernous fis...
Medicine Liu L, Zhong Y et. al.

Oct 19th, 2022 - Spontaneous carotid cavernous fistula (CCF) is rare, and the expression of headache caused by it can be variable. A case of a man hospitalized for high-intensity hemicranial headache which was aggravated by lying down and relieved when standing or...

A Bibliometric Analysis of the Top 100 Most Influential Articles on Carotid Cavernous F...
World Neurosurgery; De Stefano FA, Kaura S et. al.

Sep 3rd, 2022 - A carotid-cavernous fistula (CCF) is an abnormal communication between arteries and veins within the cavernous sinus and may be classified as either direct or indirect. This bibliometric analysis summarizes the most-cited articles on CCFs and high...

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Role of the Radiologist in Management of Pulsatile Tinnitus

Apr 21st, 2022 - Tinnitus is a broad and complex subject concerning a symptom rather than a syndrome or a disease (1 ),New studies indicate that prevalence of tinnitus is 14.5% among those less than 40 years old and 17.5 - 35% among age over 40 years Old( 2-3 ). V...

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A 37-Year-Old Woman With Decreased Vision and Proptosis

Feb 21st, 2017 - Case Diagnosis In the setting of severe myopia with a marked difference in refractive error between the two eyes, this is suggestive of posterior staphyloma. The outpouching of the posterior portion of the eye contributes to visual distortion. Pro...

A 21-Year-Old With Headache and Blurred Vision

Jun 13th, 2013 - Discussion Posterior scleritis is a rare condition that can mimic many ocular inflammatory and neoplastic conditions.[1] As its name implies, it is an inflammation of the sclera and episclera of the postequatorial segment of the eye. Posterior scl...

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