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Hip arthroscopy versus total hip arthroplasty-A study on patients with obesity above 40...
Clinical Obesity; Niehaus R, Zingg PO et. al.

Mar 16th, 2023 - Patients older than 40 years with a body-mass-index (BMI) >30 kg/m2 , a femoroacetabular-impingement (FAI) and little cartilage damage are a challenge for hip surgeons. Hip-arthroscopy (HAS) or conservative therapy until a total hip arthroplasty (...

High survivorship and excellent 5-year outcomes in patients older than 40 years undergo...
Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy : Official... Mullins K, Filan D et. al.

Mar 14th, 2023 - To assess 5-year clinical outcome, in adults > 40 years of age, following hip arthroscopy for femoroacetabular impingement compared to a younger, matched, control group. All primary arthroscopies for FAI between 2009 and 2016 were considered (n = ...

Editorial Commentary: Gadolinium Intra-Articular Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging Is...
Arthroscopy : the Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surge... Vap AR

Mar 6th, 2023 - For arthroscopic hip surgeons, accurate identification of symptomatic pathology is required. Gadolinium-contrast magnetic resonance arthrography (MRA) is an important imaging option but not necessarily for every patient. Contrast carries some risk...

Editorial Commentary: Evaluate for the Beighton Score and Additional Radiographic Signs...
Arthroscopy : the Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surge... Curley AJ, Domb BG

Mar 6th, 2023 - Femoral version abnormalities have been increasingly recognized as a key factor in the pathogenesis of nonarthritic hip pain. Excessive femoral anteversion (EFA), defined as femoral anteversion greater than 20°, has been postulated to create unsta...

Editorial Commentary: A Patient-Specific Approach to Preventing Venous Thromboembolism ...
Arthroscopy : the Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surge... Cohen D, Ayeni OR

Mar 6th, 2023 - The incidence of hip arthroscopy (HA) has seen a dramatic rise over the past decade, with a bimodal distribution of patient age with peaks at both 18 and 42 years of age. Thus, it is essential to reduce complications, including venous thromboembol...

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An Evaluation of Hip Preservation Outcomes

Mar 2nd, 2023 - The purpose of this study is to assess outcomes of hip preservation surgeries including open and arthroscopic treatment of femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). Data will be prospectively and retrospectively collected on about 10,000 patients underg...

Hip Arthroscopy Postoperative Opioid Demands

Mar 1st, 2023 - Follow-up will take place at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months postoperatively. Variables of interest will include postoperative patient pain scores (i.e. Visual Analog Scale or VAS), total morphine equivalents taken in the first 30 days after discharge, num...

Use of BMAC With Hip Arthroscopy Treatment of FAI and Labral Tear

Feb 23rd, 2023 - The acetabular labrum is a wedge shaped fibrocartilage structure attached to the acetabular rim. It is continuous with the transverse acetabular ligament at the inferior aspect of the acetabulum. The medial aspect of the labrum abuts the acetabulu...

Losartan Use to Mitigate Arthrofibrosis Following Total Join Arthroplasty

Feb 14th, 2023 - Recent research has focused on methods to mitigate scar tissue formation and arthrofibrosis following surgery in hopes that patients may attain maximal range of motion goals, avoid manipulation and secondary surgery (i.e. revision arthroplasty), a...

Effect of Post-operative Brace on Pain and Patient Outcomes Following Hip Arthroscopy for FAIS

Feb 10th, 2023 - The routine application of hip brace following hip arthroscopy for femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FAIS) has no proven clinical benefits. This study will investigate whether the application of hip brace affects the post-operative course and...

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Why These Athletes Went Ahead With Their Elective Surgeries

Apr 22nd, 2020 - While scores of Americans have had to postpone elective surgeries, sometimes for serious conditions, at least eight professional athletes have gone ahead with procedures including elbow and knee ligament reconstruction and groin surgery. Some name...

Outcomes After Peripheral Nerve Block in Hip Arthroscopy

Jun 22nd, 2018 - POSTOPERATIVE NAUSEA/VOMITING AND ANTIEMETIC USE Five studies presented data on nausea, vomiting, or antiemetic use following PNB and are shown in Table 3. YaDeau and colleagues18 reported nausea among 34% of patients in the PNB group, compared wi.

Outcomes After Peripheral Nerve Block in Hip Arthroscopy
Michael E. Steinhaus, MD, James Rosneck, MD et. al.

Jun 22nd, 2018 - ABSTRACT Pain control following hip arthroscopy presents a significant clinical challenge, with postoperative pain requiring considerable opioid use. Peripheral nerve blocks (PNBs) have emerged as one option to improve pain and limit the consequen.

Precision and Accuracy of Identification of Anatomical Surface Landmarks by 30 Expert Hip Arthroscopists
John J. Christoforetti, MD, Jeff Delong, BS et. al.

Feb 22nd, 2017 - Take-Home Points Surface landmarks are routinely used for physical examination and surgical technique. Common surface landmarks used in establishing arthroscopic portals may be more difficult to accurately identify than previously thought.

Poorer Arthroscopic Outcomes of Mild Dysplasia With Cam Femoroacetabular Impingement Versus Mixed Femoroacetabular Impingement in Absence of Capsular Repair

Jan 31st, 2017 - Discussion The principal finding of this study is the significantly poorer outcomes of mild dysplasia and cam FAI relative to mixed FAI after hip arthroscopy without capsular repair. Study group (cohort D) and control group (cohort M) had associat.

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