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Suture Anchor-Based Quadriceps Tendon Repair May Result in Improved Patient-Reported Ou...
Arthroscopy : the Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surge... Yanke AB, Dandu N et. al.

Dec 26th, 2022 - The purpose of this study was to compare failure rates and patient-reported outcomes between transosseus (TO) suture and suture anchor (SA) quadriceps tendon repairs. Following institutional review board approval, patients who underwent primary re...

Transosseous Repair With Nice Knot Augmentation Versus Knotless Suture Anchor Repair Wi...
Orthopedics Duell B, Long MK et. al.

Dec 13th, 2022 - Quadriceps tendon rupture is typically repaired using either transosseous tunnels or suture anchors. Recent literature has suggested that suture anchor repair is biomechanically superior to the use of transosseous tunnels. Augmentation of the tran...

Less than 1% risk of donor-site quadriceps tendon rupture post-ACL reconstruction with ...
Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy : Official... Singh H, Glassman I et. al.

Oct 19th, 2022 - The purpose of this study is to develop a comprehensive complications profile for quadriceps tendon-autograft anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (QT ACL-R). A traditional and grey literature search was conducted in accordance with PRISMA an...

Repair of Bilateral Quadriceps Tendon Rupture Using a Modified Knotless Suture Anchor a...
Orthopaedic Surgery; Wang X, Huang D et. al.

Jul 28th, 2022 - Quadriceps tendon rupture (QTR) is a rare clinical condition often caused by indirect injury in healthy people. In addition, spontaneous and bilateral ruptures can occur in patients with predisposing factors, such as endocrine or rheumatic disease...

Primary Quadriceps Tendon Suture Anchor Repair: Case Presentation and Surgical Technique.
Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma; Dankert JF, Mehta DD et. al.

Jul 16th, 2022 - This case presentation described a technique for repairing an acute quadriceps tendon rupture with suture anchors. The patient was a 51-year-old man who sustained an acute quadriceps tendon rupture after a fall. We used a midline incision over the...

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Static Progressive Splinting in the Management of Knee Stiffness Following Total Knee Arthroplasty

Apr 13th, 2021 - Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is the standard of care to manage the pain and disability associated with end-stage knee osteoarthritis, with more than 700,000 TKA surgeries performed annually in the United States. Knee stiffness, commonly caused by...

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Knotless Tape Suture Fixation of Quadriceps Tendon Rupture: A Novel Technique

Jan 26th, 2018 - The proximal pole of the patella is then prepared by débriding any remaining soft tissue back to an area of exposed subcortical bone, which is débrided to a bleeding bony bed. Holes are drilled in the medial and lateral thirds of the patella at th.

Knotless Tape Suture Fixation of Quadriceps Tendon Rupture: A Novel Technique
James M. Paci, MD, Amanda Pawlak, MD

Jan 26th, 2018 - ABSTRACT Quadriceps tendon ruptures disrupt the extensor mechanism of the knee and require urgent surgical management. Traditional repair techniques have had mixed biomechanical and clinical results risking weakness and extensor lag.

Simultaneous Bilateral Rupture of Quadriceps Tendons

Results Historically, bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture occurred most commonly in men more than 50 years old.[4,5] However, many of the cases reported recently in the literature are in younger individuals with chronic illnesses.[4,6] Of the 66 p...

Simultaneous Bilateral Rupture of Quadriceps Tendons

Abstract and Introduction Background: Simultaneous bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture is an uncommon injury that is frequently misdiagnosed. It has been associated with multiple medical conditions including renal disease, rheumatologic disorders,...

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