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Impact of body mass index in patulous Eustachian tube: Does rapid weight loss influence...
American Journal of Otolaryngology; Wu SS, Cabrera CI et. al.

Aug 13th, 2022 - Weight loss has been proposed as risk factor for patulous Eustachian tube (PET), however, it has not been well-characterized how this subpopulation responds to standard treatments. This study aimed to evaluate PET symptom improvement in the settin...

The Novel Conduit: Challenges of Esophagectomy After Bariatric Surgery.
Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery : Official Journal Of... Jureller M, Logarajah SI et. al.

Aug 13th, 2022 - Metabolic surgery has been on the rise over the last 2 decades. As more literature has been being published regarding its efficacy in treating metabolic syndrome as well as advancements in surgical training and safety rise with it, metabolic surge...

Obesity-associated sleep hypoventilation and increased adverse post-operative bariatric...
Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : JCSM : Official Publ... Chindamporn P, Wang L et. al.

Aug 13th, 2022 - Although obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS) is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, post-bariatric surgery OHS risk remains unclear due to oftentimes non-systematic OHS assessments. We leverage a clinical cohort with nocturnal CO...

Efficacy and safety of pre-operative insertion of inferior vena cava filter in patients...
Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis; Ikesaka R, Kaur B et. al.

Aug 13th, 2022 - Prophylactic placement of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters prior to performing bariatric surgery is an intervention of unclear safety and efficacy with disagreement between current practice guidelines. To better characterize the risk and benefit o...

Redefining the role of routine postoperative bloodwork following uncomplicated bariatri...
Surgical Endoscopy; Selvam R, Jarrar A et. al.

Aug 12th, 2022 - A quality improvement opportunity was identified to de-adopt the low-value care practice of routinely performing bloodwork for all patients undergoing elective bariatric surgery. While these patients are typically discharged on postoperative day 1...

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American Association of Clinical Endocrinology Clinical Practice Guideline for the Diag...
Endocrine Practice : Official Journal of the American Col... Cusi K, Isaacs S et. al.

May 16th, 2022 - To provide evidence-based recommendations regarding the diagnosis and management of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) to endocrinologists, primary care clinicians, health care professionals, and other...

EAES rapid guideline: systematic review, network meta-analysis, CINeMA and GRADE assess...
Surgical Endoscopy; Carrano FM, Iossa A et. al.

Jan 22nd, 2022 - The European Association for Endoscopic Surgery Bariatric Guidelines Group identified a gap in bariatric surgery recommendations with a structured, contextualized consideration of multiple bariatric interventions. To provide evidence-informed, tra...

Recommendations for nutritional care after bariatric surgery: Recommendations for best ...
Journal of Visceral Surgery; Quilliot D, Coupaye M et. al.

Jan 14th, 2021 - Nutritional care after bariatric surgery is an issue of major importance, especially insofar as risk of deficiency has been extensively described in the literature. Subsequent to the deliberations carried out by a multidisciplinary working group, ...

AGA Clinical Practice Update on Bariatric Surgery in Cirrhosis: Expert Review.
Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology : the Official C... Patton H, Heimbach J et. al.

Jan 5th, 2021 - AGA Clinical Practice Update on Bariatric Surgery in Cirrhosis: Expert Review.|2021|Patton H,Heimbach J,McCullough A,|

Recommendations for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic from I...
Obesity Surgery; Yang W, Wang C et. al.

Apr 16th, 2020 - Recommendations for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic from IFSO.|2020|Yang W,Wang C,Shikora S,Kow L,|methods,standards,diagnosis,epidemiology,surgery,surgery,surgery,diagnosis,epidemiology,

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M-Tapa vs OSTAP for Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery

Aug 12th, 2022 - Inguinal hernia repair is the most common of abdominal surgical procedures and is usually performed laparoscopically. Many factors play a role in the pain that develops after surgery and is generally considered to be visceral pain. Phrenic nerve i...

The Franciscus Obesity NASH Study

Aug 12th, 2022 - After being informed about the study and potential risks, 300 eligible patients will be included. All participants will undergo lifestyle intervention before bariatric surgery. Extensive cardiometabolic analyses will be carried out. At 5 different...

Hepatic Mitochondrial Function in Youth

Aug 11th, 2022 - A metabolic study that will be performed prior to and 12 months following bariatric surgery. The study will include 31-phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy to measure phosphate concentrations in the liver; a 4 hour mixed meal tolerance test,...

M-Tapa Block for Laparoscopic Cholesistectomy

Aug 11th, 2022 - Modified Perichondral Approach Thoracoabdominal Nerve (M-TAPA) block is a novel block that provides effective analgesia of the anterior and lateral thoracoabdominal walls during laparoscopic surgery, in which local anesthetic is applied only to th...

Polyphenol Supplementation and Morbid Obesity Parameters

Aug 11th, 2022 - The main objective of this study is to assess the effect of a polyphenol-rich dietary supplement, along with a hypocaloric diet, on obesity parameters in participants with morbid obesity. Anthropometric, biochemical and inflammatory parameters, as...

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MERIT: Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty shows ‘very impressive’ outcomes in randomized clinical trial
Jim Kling

Aug 11th, 2022 - In a randomized, controlled trial, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) combined with lifestyle modifications was safe and effective for weight loss among individuals with class I and class II obesity, compared with lifestyle modifications alone.

Weight Loss Surgery Has a Big Effect on Marriage

Aug 10th, 2022 - Kristal was only in her mid-30s when she decided to have surgery. Her doctor said it was too early. But the Oregon mom of three had found herself in the hospital twice for obesity-related lung complications before her 35th birthday. So she got the...

Gene Variants Found to Protect Against Liver Disease

Aug 9th, 2022 - Rare gene variants are associated with a reduced risk for multiple types of liver disease, including cirrhosis, researchers say. People with certain variants in the gene CIDEB are one-third less likely to develop any sort of liver disease, accordi...

How bariatric surgery affects psychotropic drug absorption
Rachel Demarco, PharmD, Ruchi Rana, PharmD Candidate et. al.

Aug 1st, 2022 - Ms. B, age 60, presents to the clinic with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, type 2 diabetes mellitus, depression, and anxiety.

Prior bariatric surgery associated with better in-hospital outcomes in patients with RA

Jul 31st, 2022 - Key clinical point: Hospitalized patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with vs without prior bariatric surgery were less likely to have in-hospital deaths, major morbidities, unfavorable discharges, and prolonged length of stay (LOS). Major find.

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