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Examining Mental Health Disorders in Overweight and Obese Pediatric Patients.
Journal of Pediatric Health Care : Official Publication O... Carroll R, Bice AA et. al.

Jun 28th, 2022 - We investigated the frequency and variation in three mental health diagnoses among obese or overweight children and adolescents. Logistic regression was used to examine the association between the outcome variables-anxiety, depression, and adjustm...

Liaison psychiatry before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Psychiatry Research; Delgado-Parada E, Alonso-Sánchez M et. al.

Jun 1st, 2022 - the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on hospital admissions. The clinical profiles of patients referred to liaison psychiatry teams (LPT) remained stable over the last few decades. We postulate changes in patient profiles due to the COVID-19 pandem...

Nurse admissions at a specialized mental health programme: A pre-Covid-19 retrospective...
Journal of Advanced Nursing; Braquehais MD, Mozo X et. al.

Feb 18th, 2022 - Nursing is a stressful and emotionally demanding profession. To date, few mental health treatment interventions have been developed for them worldwide. This study aims to explore referral trends in nurses with mental disorders admitted to a pionee...

Systematic review and meta-analysis of predictors of adjustment disorders in adults.
Journal of Affective Disorders; Kelber MS, Morgan MA et. al.

Feb 18th, 2022 - The diagnosis of adjustment disorder is common in clinical practice, yet there is lack of research on the etiology and epidemiology of adjustment disorders. The goal of this systematic review was to evaluate predictors of adjustment disorders in a...

Sex differences across developmental domains among children with a familial risk of sev...
Psychological Medicine; Burton BK, Andersen KK et. al.

Feb 15th, 2022 - Sex differences in brain structure and neurodevelopment occur in non-clinical populations. We investigated whether sex had a similar effect on developmental domains amongst boys and girls with a familial risk of schizophrenia (FHR-SZ), bipolar dis...

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Impact of a Multidisciplinary Protocol of Respiratory Kinesitherapy and Active Music Therapy on Anxiety, Depression and Pain in Lung Transplant Patients

Feb 2nd, 2022 - Transplantation remains the last resort to prolong life when the patient reaches the stage of terminal respiratory failure. Lung transplantation improves survival and quality of life compared to medical treatment, at acceptable costs. However, the...

Life With Covid Since 2020: a Randomized Control Trial of a Real-time Data Collection Smartphone-based App Assessing and Treating the Covid-19 Psychological Impacts

Sep 23rd, 2021 - Design of the study : Multicentric randomized controlled superiority trial with 2 parallel arms. The randomization will be a various-sized block randomization, stratified by centre and by co-treatment (=usual psychiatric intervention) prescribed a...

The Trauma of Betrayal: Treating Adjustment Disorder With Reconsolidation Blockade Under Propranolol

Jul 28th, 2021 - Attachment injuries are events occurring within couple relationships that involve betrayal or abandonment by a significant other during times of need (e.g., infidelity). They can be understood as relationship traumas, which can lead to debilitatin...

Bounce Back Now: A Low-Cost Intervention to Facilitate Post-Disaster Recovery

Jul 23rd, 2021 - Globally, an average of 390 disasters, 100,000 related deaths, 260 million disaster victims, and $140 billion in economic damages were recorded per year between 2002-2012. The U.S. is one of the top 5 countries-with China, Philippines, India, and ...

Effectiveness of a Mindfulness Smartphone App to Reduce Emotional Distress in People With Cancer Waiting for Surgery

Jul 20th, 2021 - Lung cancer and colorectal cancer accounted for the highest number of cancer deceases in 2016. Incidence is around 3.500 cases per year and patients are more commonly men (56%) aged around 69. This study focuses on people with a recent diagnosis o...

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COVID Infection Linked to Slew of Mental Health Conditions

Feb 16th, 2022 - People who battled COVID-19 infection had a higher risk of multiple mental health conditions, a new study found. Among those who survived the first 30 days of COVID-19 infection, there was a 60% (HR 1.60, 95% CI 1.55-1.66) increased risk for havin...

Some Anxiety and Stress-related Disorders Linked to High Levels of Inflammation

Jan 24th, 2022 - Takeaway Certain anxiety and stress-related disorders (including panic disorder, stress/adjustment disorders, and generalised anxiety disorder) may be associated with high levels of inflammation, as measured by C-reactive protein (CRP). However, t...

23% of Patients With COVID Report Long-Haul Symptoms

Jun 25th, 2021 - Editor's note: Find the latest COVID-19 news and guidance in Medscape's Coronavirus Resource Center. A study of almost 2 million COVID-19 patients found that 23.2% of them sought treatment for COVID-related symptoms a month or more after being dia...

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Linked to Multiple Comorbidities Before and After Diagnosis

Jun 2nd, 2020 - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People with the chronic skin disease hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) are at increased risk for comorbidities presenting both before and after HS diagnosis, according to a Danish registry-based study of disease trajectorie...

Mental health services can be successfully integrated in primary care
Damian McNamara

Oct 9th, 2017 - CHICAGO – Mental health services can be successfully integrated into a primary care practice, potentially improving patient satisfaction, compliance with treatment, and follow-up compared with traditional external referrals. When done right, a ped.

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