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Pneumomediastinum Workup

May 19th, 2022 - Laboratory Studies The following studies are indicated in suspected cases of pneumomediastinum (PM): ABG ABG should be checked in individuals presenting with respiratory distress. Depending on the severity of the underlying respiratory compromise,...

Endotracheal Tube Size Is Associated With Mortality in Patients With Status Asthmaticus.
Respiratory Care; Kashiouris MG, Chou CD et. al.

Feb 23rd, 2022 - There is limited evidence on the clinical importance of the endotracheal tube (ETT) size selection in patients with status asthmaticus who require invasive mechanical ventilation. We set out to explore the clinical outcomes of different ETT intern...

Endotracheal Tube Size Is Associated With Mortality in Status Asthmaticus: A Confirmati...
Respiratory Care; Gilmore TW

Feb 23rd, 2022 - Endotracheal Tube Size Is Associated With Mortality in Status Asthmaticus: A Confirmation of the Suspicion?|2022|Gilmore TW,|

A pediatric hospital-wide asthma severity score: Reliability and effectiveness.
Pediatric Pulmonology; McBride SC, McCarty K et. al.

Feb 20th, 2022 - Asthma is a leading cause of pediatric hospitalization in the United States. Children hospitalized with asthma are often managed in different care settings during hospitalization, posing challenges to accurate communication among care providers ab...

Hypokalemia Measurement and Management in Patients With Status Asthmaticus on Continuou...
Hospital Pediatrics; Cox C, Patel K et. al.

Jan 13th, 2022 - Status asthmaticus is commonly treated in pediatric patients by using continuous albuterol, which can cause hypokalemia. The primary aim of this study was to determine if serial potassium monitoring is necessary by examining treatment frequency of...

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Clinical Practice Guidelines for Sustained Neuromuscular Blockade in the Adult Critical...
Critical Care Medicine; Murray MJ, DeBlock H et. al.

Oct 19th, 2016 - To update the 2002 version of "Clinical practice guidelines for sustained neuromuscular blockade in the adult critically ill patient." A Task Force comprising 17 members of the Society of Critical Medicine with particular expertise in the use of n...

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Evaluatıng The Effects Of Web Desıgn In Educatıng Asthma Patıents On Drug Complıance And Qualıty Of Lıfe

Dec 7th, 2021 - In the first stage, it is aimed to develop, implement and evaluate a web designed asthma education program for asthma patients. In the second stage, it is to evaluate the effect of the web-designed education program developed for asthmatic patient...

High Flow Nasal Cannula in Children With Status Asthmaticus

Apr 29th, 2021 - In France, over 2.5 million people suffer from asthma, including one-third of children. This is the chronic respiratory disease leading to the highest rate of hospitalization. The conventional oxygen delivery means in children are the non-rebreath...

Early Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation in Children With Status Asthmaticus

Dec 19th, 2014 - Status asthmaticus is defined as severe asthma that fails to respond to inhaled short acting β agonists (SABA), oral or intravenous steroids, and oxygen, leading to hospital admission for further management (1). In 2004, asthma exacerbations led t...

Evaluation Montelukast in the Treatment of Status Asthmaticus

Feb 25th, 2013 - While new medications have been used to better manage chronic asthma, acute exacerbations continue to be a significant cause of pediatric morbidity and mortality. Montelukast holds an established role in the pediatric outpatient management of asth...

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FDA OKs First-in-Class Biologic for Severe Asthma

Dec 20th, 2021 - The FDA approved the only biologic for severe asthma without any phenotype or biomarker limitations, manufacturers AstraZeneca and Amgen announced Friday. The first-in-class biologic tezepelumab-ekko (Tezspire) is indicated as an add-on maintenanc...

Extracorporeal CO2 Removal Effective in Status Asthmaticus

Oct 23rd, 2020 - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Venovenous extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal (ECCO2R) may be lifesaving in patients with status asthmaticus refractory to maximal medical therapy, according to a retrospective review. In a paper in Critical Care Med...

FDA approves benralizumab autoinjector for eosinophilic asthma
Christopher Palmer

Oct 4th, 2019 - The Food and Drug Administration has approved a prefilled, single-use autoinjector of benralizumab (Fasenra) for self-administration in adults with eosinophilic asthma, according to a press release from AstraZeneca. Benralizumab is already approve.

Refractory Status Asthmaticus: Treatment With Sevoflurane

Oct 3rd, 2019 - Discussion This case illustrates the successful treatment of a patient with extreme status asthmaticus given inhalational anesthesia as supportive care while the bronchospasm and status asthmaticus abated. This is an unusual treatment in an ominou.

FDA OKs Asthma Inhaler Arnuity Ellipta for Kids as Young as 5 Years

May 22nd, 2018 - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expanded the use of the inhaled corticosteroid fluticasone furoate (Arnuity Ellipta, GlaxoSmithKline) as a once-daily asthma maintenance treatment for children as young as age 5 years. "Despite the cha...

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