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Disseminated Disease by Mycobacterium abscessus and Mycobacterium celatum in an Immunoc...
The American Journal of Case Reports; Locatelli ME, Tosto S et. al.

Apr 8th, 2020 - BACKGROUND Nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) are environmental pathogens that cause an increasing number of diseases, in particular in immunosuppressed patients. Diagnosing NTM infections may be difficult because clinical presentation is unspecifi...

Atypical mycobacteriosis in a poorly compliant patient.
BMJ Case Reports; Pedroso AI, Nabais I et. al.

Apr 9th, 2018 - Atypical mycobacteriosis in a poorly compliant patient.|2018|Pedroso AI,Nabais I,Mourato Nunes I,Carvalho G,|therapeutic use,etiology,diagnosis,diagnostic imaging,drug therapy,microbiology,isolation & purification,diagnosis,diagnostic imaging,drug...

Atypical mycobacteriosis, familial

Apr 17th, 2017 - This table lists symptoms that people with this disease may have. For most diseases, symptoms will vary from person to person. People with the same disease may not have all the symptoms listed. This information comes from a database called the Hum...

Leukoencephalopathy resolution after atypical mycobacterial treatment: a case report.
BMC Neurology; Oliveira MC, Sato DK et. al.

Sep 4th, 2015 - Association of leukoencephalopathy and atypical mycobacteriosis has been rarely reported. We present a case that is relevant for its unusual presentation and because it may shed further light on the pathogenic mechanisms underlying reversible ence...

Morphological manifestations of the atypical mycobacteriosis caused by nontuberculous m...
Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science; Mayskaya MU, Otten TF et. al.

May 6th, 2014 - Infection with atypical mycobacteria (MAC) is a well-known complication of AIDS that typically occurs only in people with advanced immunodeficiency. We studied tissues from 13 patients with HIV and atypical mycobacterial infection who died in St P...

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