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Early Presentation of Susac Syndrome in a 7 Year Old.
Journal of Neuro-ophthalmology : the Official Journal of ... Egan RA, Brown A et. al.

Jul 14th, 2022 - Early Presentation of Susac Syndrome in a 7 Year Old.|2022|Egan RA,Brown A,Grillo E,|

Paracentral acute middle maculopathy in Susac syndrome after dual exposure to SARS-CoV-...
BMJ Case Reports; Malerbi FK, Schoeps VA et. al.

May 11th, 2022 - We report a case of Susac syndrome after SARS-CoV-2 infection and subsequent vaccination that presented with meningitis and retinal microembolisation in the form of paracentral acute middle maculopathy (PAMM). After presenting with headache, fever...

Involuntary crying episodes with Susac's syndrome-a rare presentation of a rare disease...
BMC Neurology; Alshaqi O, Moodie T et. al.

Apr 27th, 2022 - In this case, we reported the pseudobulbar affect (PBA) in a patient with Susac's syndrome-a rare condition that was caused by a rare syndrome. Previous case reports of Susac syndrome described psychiatric symptoms such as emotional disturbances o...

Susac syndrome: A scoping review.
Autoimmunity Reviews; David C, Sacré K et. al.

Apr 13th, 2022 - Susac syndrome is a rare disease characterized by an inflammatory microangiopathy limited to the brain, eye, and ear vessels. It mainly affects young women. Although the pathophysiology is not fully elucidated, recent advances favour a primitive v...

Susac syndrome with the typical clinical triad: A case report and literature review.
Journal of Neuroimmunology; Hu K, Yang Y et. al.

Mar 31st, 2022 - Susac syndrome is an immune-mediated microvascular disease characterized by the clinical triad of acute multiple encephalopathies, branch retinal artery occlusion, and sensorineural hearing loss. However, the typical clinical triad is not seen in ...

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Investigation of Biomarkers in Susac Syndrome

Jul 29th, 2021 - Susac Syndrome is a rare disease characterized by encephalopathy, branch retinal artery occlusion and sensorineural deafness. The pathogenesis is not yet clear, an autoimmune endotheliopathy is discussed. Because of the variable and often incomple...

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Triple Threat: Three Common Symptoms Add Up to One Rare Condition

Mar 24th, 2021 - When a 39-year-old previously healthy woman with blurred vision, hearing loss, and migraine presented to the emergency department (ED) at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada, Sanskriti Sasikumar, MD, knew a multidisciplinary approach was nee...

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