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Case Series: Tattoo-associated Uveitis.
Optometry and Vision Science : Official Publication of Th... Peterson AS, Patterson AW

Jan 11th, 2022 - Tattoo granuloma and uveitis or "tattoo-associated uveitis" is a description of simultaneous tattoo inflammation and uveitis. Multiple cases exist in the literature in the setting of systemic sarcoidosis or a delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction...

Clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes of cytomegalovirus anterior uveitis and...
Survey of Ophthalmology; La Distia Nora R, Putera I et. al.

Dec 27th, 2021 - Cytomegalovirus (CMV) anterior uveitis is the most common form of ocular manifestation of CMV in immunocompetent individuals. The difficulty in diagnosing CMV anterior uveitis may delay adequate treatment and affect outcomes. We sought to review s...

Corneal Sarcoidosis: Diffuse Stromal Granulomatous Inflammation in a Patient With Sarco...
Cornea Shifera AS, Sun K et. al.

Dec 23rd, 2021 - The purpose of this study was to present a case of diffuse noncaseating granulomas involving the corneal stroma in a patient with ocular and pulmonary sarcoidosis. This was a single case report. A 31-year-old female patient presented with a 6-year...

Renal replacement therapy-requiring acute kidney injury due to tubulointerstitial nephr...
Journal of Medical Case Reports; Marahrens B, Amann K et. al.

Dec 22nd, 2021 - Acute kidney injury is a major challenge for today's healthcare systems around the globe. Renal replacement therapy has been shown to be beneficial in acute kidney injury, but treatment highly depends on the cause of the acute kidney injury. One l...

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Collaborative Ocular Tuberculosis Study Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Tuber...
Ophthalmology Agrawal R, Testi I et. al.

Jul 1st, 2020 - The Collaborative Ocular Tuberculosis Study (COTS), supported by the International Ocular Inflammation Society, International Uveitis Study Group, and Foster Ocular Immunological Society, set up an international, expert-led consensus project to de...

Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance Consensus Treatment Plans for Ju...
Arthritis Care & Research; Angeles-Han ST, Lo MS et. al.

May 29th, 2018 - Systemic immunosuppressive treatment of pediatric chronic anterior uveitis (CAU), both juvenile idiopathic arthritis-associated and idiopathic anterior uveitis, varies, making it difficult to identify best treatments. The Childhood Arthritis and R...

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Efficacy, Safety and Costs of Methotrexate, Adalimumab, or Their Combination in Non-infectious Non-anterior Uveitis

Nov 23rd, 2021 - Introduction: Non-infectious uveitis (NIUs) include a heterogeneous group of sight-threatening conditions. NIUs can be highly disabling and be associated with a profound impact in the quality-of-life (QoL) and wellbeing. Their correct management s...

Effects of Weight-loss Treatment in Obese Patients With Psoriatic Arthritis

Oct 12th, 2021 - BACKGROUND Psoriasis is a common skin disease affecting around 2-3% of the population in Sweden. Approximately 20-30% of the individuals with psoriasis develop psoriatic arthritis (PsA). PsA mainly engage the musculoskeletal apparatus and causes i...

A Trial of the Efficacy and Safety Trial of ABY-035 in the Treatment and Prevention of Relapse/Recurrence of Non-anterior Uveitis

Sep 27th, 2021 - This is a multinational, multicenter, phase 2 proof-of-concept trial to explore the efficacy and safety of ABY-035 in treating and preventing relapse/recurrence of disease activity in patients with non-Infectious Intermediate, Posterior, Pan-Uveit...

A Study to Evaluate TRS01 Eye Drops in Participants With Active Non-infectious Anterior Uveitis

Aug 25th, 2021 - The objective of this study is to evaluate the safety of TRS01 eye drops in participants with active non-infectious anterior uveitis .

Imaging Quantification of Inflammation (IQI)

May 11th, 2021 - Perform observational study utilizing real-time quantification of ocular inflammation to determine minimal important change. In our current experiments, we have calculated reliability measurements including the standard error of measurement (SEM) ...

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Visual Outcomes of Cataract Surgery Usually Favorable in Patients With Diabetes

Oct 19th, 2021 - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Two-thirds of patients with diabetes achieve a good visual outcome of 20/40 or better after cataract surgery, according to one of the largest studies to assess visual acuity in people with diabetes undergoing cataract s...

Several uncommon skin disorders related to internal diseases reviewed
Randy Dotinga

Jul 22nd, 2021 - Five of the more uncommon dermatologic disorders – sarcoidosis, Rosai-Dorfman disease, Erdheim-Chester disease, eosinophilic fasciitis, and cutaneous Crohn disease – are linked to internal diseases and may spawn misdiagnoses, a dermatologist told.

Major Advance in the Treatment of Axial Spondyloarthritis Coming

Feb 26th, 2021 - Rheumatologists can look forward to the likely regulatory approval of the oral Janus kinase inhibitors tofacitinib and upadacitinib for the treatment of axial spondyloarthritis in the first half of 2021, speakers predicted at the 2021 Rheumatology...

A 26-Year-Old With Chronic Eye Pain: Osmosis USMLE Study Question

Jan 22nd, 2021 - Test yourself with this question from Osmosis.org and see how you stack up against your peers! A 26-year-old woman is evaluated for chronic eye pain and eye redness. She also reports some photophobia and says that her pain is not significantly cha...

JIA Arthritis and Uveitis Flares 'Often Run Parallel'

Oct 29th, 2020 - Children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis–associated uveitis (JIA-U) are significantly more likely to experience a flare in their eye disease if their arthritis is also worsening, a team of U.S.-based researchers has found. In a longitudinal coh...

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