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Patients Experience Significant and Meaningful Changes in Self-Report of Function Durin...
Journal of Sport Rehabilitation; Lam KC, Marshall AN et. al.

Aug 5th, 2022 - Ankle sprains are common during sport participation and associated with long-term deficits in self-report of function. However, little is known of short-term changes in self-report of function following injury. The authors aimed to assess statisti...

Jump landing among chronic ankle instability individuals who did or did not attend reha...
Physical Therapy in Sport : Official Journal of the Assoc... Kosik KB, Hoch MC et. al.

Jul 26th, 2022 - The purpose was to compare vertical ground reaction forces and sagittal-plane energy dissipation patterns of the lower extremity during a single-limb jump-stabilization task between individuals with chronic ankle instability who did or did not att...

Ultrasonography vıew for acute ankle ınjury: comparison of ultrasonography and magnetic...
Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery; Ergün T, Peker A et. al.

Jul 23rd, 2022 - We aim to asses the diagnostic performance of ankle ultrasonography in patients presenting with acute ankle sprain injury, with comparison to MRI (Manyetik Rezonans İmaging). The study included patients who applied to the hospital within 48 h afte...

Individual and Joint Effects of Influenza-Like Illness and Vaccinations on Stroke in th...
Stroke Vollmer BL, Solowey J et. al.

Jul 22nd, 2022 - Influenza-like illness (ILI) is an acute trigger for stroke, although joint effects of vaccinations and ILI have not yet been explored. Data for our case-control study was obtained from MarketScan Commercial Claims and Encounters between 2008 and ...

Major change in morphology of the talofibular ligaments during fetal development and gr...
Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy : SRA; Kim JH, Jin ZW et. al.

Jul 21st, 2022 - Ankle sprain is often attributed to damage of the anterior and posterior talofibular ligaments (ATFL, PTFL). We compared the morphology of these ligaments in fetuses of different gestational ages (GAs) with the horizontal configuration in adults. ...

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Effectiveness of Stabilization Exercise in Youth Basketball Players With Ankle Sprain

Jul 20th, 2022 - The ankle is anatomically strong because of the structure of the bones and ligature that make it. Despite this, ankle injuries are the most common type of injury in sports injuries due to the stress and impact of athletes. It is estimated that 25%...

Effect of Chronic Ankle Instability on Core Stabilization, Dynamic Balance and Agility

Jul 6th, 2022 - Approximately 10% to 28% of all sports injuries are ankle sprains. Ankle sprains are the most common injury in basketball, especially involving repetitive maneuvers such as acceleration, deceleration, jumping, and landing. The incidence of ankle s...

Kinesiology Taping on Calf Tightness

Jun 28th, 2022 - Leg pain is considered one of the most common issues worldwide. It can be due to variety of factors like medial tibial stress syndrome, nerve compression, overuse, musculoskeletal disorders and arterial or venous disorders. According to the litera...

Urdu Version Of Cumberland Ankle Instability Tool: Reliability And Validity Study

Jun 9th, 2022 - The Urdu version of the Cumberland Ankle Instability Tool will be translated and dignified for internal reliability test-retest consistency and cross cultural guidelines of self-reported measures, to evaluate validity (convergent and discriminatio...

Effects of MET vs Mulligan MWM on Pain, Disability & Balance in Athletes With Ankle Sprain

Jun 9th, 2022 - Ankle Sprains are the most common injury in Athletes and have a high rate of recurrence, pain, dynamic balance and disability is the leading cause of season break in athletes with chronic ankle sprain so as we see post isometric relaxation and Mul...

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Doc’s Misdiagnosis Causes Former Firefighter to Lose Leg From Flesh-Eating Bacterial Infection

Jun 17th, 2022 - A Florida jury has awarded approximately $7.6 million to a former firefighter who lost the lower portion of his right leg after a doctor’s misdiagnosis, as a story in the Pensacola News Journal indicates.   In September 2016, the former firefighte...

High ankle sprains: Easy to miss, so follow these tips
MDedge Family Medicine; John T. Nickless, MD, Jeremy A. Alland, MD

Apr 4th, 2019 - CASE A 19-year-old college football player presents to your outpatient family practice clinic after suffering a right ankle injury during a football game over the weekend. He reports having his right ankle planted on the turf with his foot externa.

Geriatric Trauma Patients and Altered Mental Status
Catherine A. Marco, MD, Ashlee Edgell, BS et. al.

Jan 1st, 2016 - Case A 76-year-old woman presented to the ED with right rib pain after tripping on a rug and sustaining a fall down the stairs in her home. The patient’s chart review showed a history of multiple falls over the past year, with injuries including l.

Fast Five Quiz: Are You Able to Diagnose and Treat Common Football Injuries?

Nov 24th, 2014 - Anterior dislocations (in which the humeral head is displaced anteriorly in relation to the glenoid) account for as many as 95%-98% of shoulder dislocations. The reason is that the muscular and ligamentous support anterior to the humeral head is m...

The Latest In Medical Convenience: ER Appointments

Jul 7th, 2014 - Scott Paul knew he needed to head to the emergency room on a recent Sunday after his foot became so painful he couldn't walk. The one thing that gave him pause was the thought of having to wait several hours next to a bunch of sick people. But his...

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