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Nitroglycerin - StatPearls
Kim, K. et. al.

Mar 1st, 2019 - Nitroglycerin is a vasodilatory drug that is used primarily to provide relief from anginal chest pain. Nitroglycerin has been FDA approved since 2000 and was first sold by Pfizer under the brand name Nitrostat. It is currently FDA approved for the acute relief of an attack or acute prophylaxis of angina pectoris secondary to coronary artery disease. Off-label, non-FDA approved uses include trea...

Resting Heart Rate in Cardiovascular Disease
Journal of the American College of Cardiology;

Dec 11th, 2006 - The importance of resting heart rate (HR) as a prognostic factor and potential therapeutic target is not yet generally accepted. Recent large epidemiologic studies have confirmed earlier studies that showed resting HR to be an independent predictor of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality in men and women with and without diagnosed cardiovascular disease. Clinical trial data suggest that HR re...

Grundvoraussetzungen herzchirurgischer Einheiten zur Behandlung von Patienten mit angeb...
The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon; ,

Jan 5th, 2016 - This document defines fundamental structures of congenital cardiac surgery departments in Germany. It has been developed by the executive boards of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (GSTCVS) and the German Society of Pediatric Cardiology (GSPC) in collaboration with the working group for Congenital and Pediatric Heart Surgery of the GSTCVS.This updated consensus paper i...

Recommendations for advancing the care of Canadians living with refractory angina pecto...
The Canadian Journal of Cardiology; McGillion M, L'Allier PL et. al.

Jul 8th, 2009 - Recommendations for advancing the care of Canadians living with refractory angina pectoris: a Canadian Cardiovascular Society position statement.|2009|McGillion M,L'Allier PL,Arthur H,Watt-Watson J,Svorkdal N,|epidemiology,therapy,epidemiology,