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Joining the tribe: adult circumcision among immigrant men in Israel and its traumatic a...
Culture, Health & Sexuality; Remennick L

Jan 30th, 2021 - Neonatal male circumcision is closely tied to Jewish identity and is socially normative in Israel. Soon after the mass arrival of secular, uncircumcised Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s, the state sponsored mass ci...

Male adult circumcision
Mélanie Aubé

INTRODUCTION Male circumcision, consisting of the surgical removal of the penile prepuce (foreskin) [ 1 ], has been dated back to the prehistoric era [ 2,3 ]. Circumcision is often performed as a part of a religious practice, such as in Judaism [...

Use of a Simulated Model to Teach Male Adult Circumcision in Sub-Saharan Africa.
World Journal of Surgery; Campain NJ, Parnham AS et. al.

Aug 4th, 2016 - Male adult circumcision (MC) has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV transmission in men by 50-60 %. An upscaling in the training of providers to perform circumcision is necessary to meet demand since MC is a key component of essential surgery in...

Indications for adult circumcision: a contemporary analysis.
The Canadian Journal of Urology; Siev M, Keheila M et. al.

Apr 18th, 2016 - Circumcision is the most common surgical procedure performed worldwide. However, there is a dearth of literature regarding medical indications for adult circumcisions. Here, we describe our experience with adult circumcision and contemporary demog...

Community and healthcare providers' perspectives on male circumcision: a multi-centric ...
PloS One; Sahay S, Nagarajan K et. al.

Mar 13th, 2014 - Although male circumcision (MC) is recommended as an HIV prevention option, the religious, cultural and biomedical dimensions of its feasibility, acceptability and practice in India have not been explored till date. This study explores beliefs, ex...

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The Unkindest Cut? Circumcision Ethics, Evidence, and Activism

Jan 17th, 2019 - American Circumcision, a documentary just released on Netflix that fires a double-barrelled blast at the procedure, opens with close-ups of an infant being wheeled into a large operating theater with a tray of shiny, sharp surgical instruments, th...

Circumcising Adult Men Prevented HIV Infections : A South African trial of heterosexual men found a 65% protective effect, after controlling for behavior.
Charlene Laino

RIO DE JANEIRO — Adult circumcision may protect against infection with HIV in heterosexual men, according to the first randomized controlled trial to test the procedure. After 21 months of follow-up observation, “Circumcision prevented 6 to 7 out.

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