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Remdesivir in Hospitalized COVID Patients: Lancet Study

FDA Authorizes First OTC Test for Both Flu & COVID

Vertigo After COVID Vaccination: Case Series & Literature Review

3 Types of Long COVID for 12 Weeks or More

COVID Transmission Between Adults & Children: New Research 

Duration of Natural Immunity Against COVID Reinfection

Comparing the COVID Vaccines (Mayo Clinic)

Can COVID Vaccines Cause Type 1 Diabetes? New Research

Latest Theories on Long COVID

FDA Approves Emergency Use of Novavax COVID Vaccine, Adjuvanted

MIS-C After Breakthrough COVID in Vaccinated Teens

COVID & Smell Loss: Research Updates

Can COVID Vaccines Cause Guillain-Barré Syndrome? (JAMA)

Corbevax Gets Approval in India as COVID Booster Dose

CDC Update on COVID Testing for Current Infection

ABO Blood Groups & COVID Infection Risk

Virus Shedding & COVID Vaccines: CDC Study

COVID Transmission May Be Increased in Triple Vaccinated: New Research

Remdesivir for Hospitalized Patients with COVID

Vulvar Aphthous Ulceration After COVID Vaccination

Novavax's COVID Flu Vaccine: Initial Trial Results

New COVID Variant Spreading in the UK

COVID Transmission May Be Increased in Triple Vaccinated: New Research

COVID Vaccine Injuries & Inequities in Compensation (NEJM)

Never Had COVID: Relax or Worry?

CDC: Risk of Omicron High Even in Vaccinated Households

Famotidine vs Placebo in COVID Patients: Phase 2 Clinical Trial (BMJ)

What is COVID Heart? Risks One Year After COVID (JAMA)

Toxic Materials in COVID Face Masks? New Research

Omicron Severity: Mild But Not Mild? (Free Full Text)

Does It Make a Difference Which COVID Vaccine Is the Booster? NEJM Study

Are Pulse Oximeters Reliable in Assessing COVID Severity? New Research

How COVID Affects the Gut: New Research

COVID Projections: Is the End of the Pandemic Near?

Blood Groups & COVID Risk: A Review 

WHO Recommends 2 New Drugs to Treat COVID 

COVID Tx for Nonhospitalized Patients (JAMA Viewpoint Review)

CDC Updated Mask Guidelines for COVID

Finding People Genetically Resistant to COVID 

Omicron is Vaccine Resistant


Clinical Data on Ivermectin From the NIH

CDC Clarifies Why Test is Being Retired as of 12/31/21

Pfizer Update on Ongoing COVID Vaccine Studies

BMJ Objects to Facebook Fact-Checkers of Vaccine Article

COVID Risk Gradually Increases After Second Dose

Two COVID Doses Ineffective Against Omicron

Mix & Match COVID Booster Vaccine

Why Was the Value of Face Masks Underestimated?

Large Party Causes Major Omicron Variant Outbreak in Norway

New FDA Contraindication to J&J COVID Vaccine

When Will the Pandemic End? BMJ Opinion

FDA Panel Recommends Molnupiravir But Has Concerns

COVID Shown to Attack Fat Tissue: New Research

N95 Facemask - How to Tell if it is Counterfeit?

How Long Does Natural COVID Immunity Last?

Time of Day of Vaccination Affects COVID Antibody Responses

Stigmatizing the Unvaccinated is Not Justified: Lancet Correspondence

COVID Vaccines Increase ACS Risk as Measured by PULS Cardiac Test (AHA Abstract)

COVID Detected in Air Samples From HVAC Systems in Student Dorms

Can Accidentally Injecting the COVID Vaccine Intravenously Induce Myopericarditis? 

High-Dose Fish Oil for COVID? AHA Scientific Sessions News

What Do We Know About the Omicron Variant?

Aspirin in Hospitalized COVID Patients (RECOVERY)

COVID Treatment Algorithms

Moderna COVID Vaccine Halted in Sweden, Norway, & Finland in Young People 

Waning Immune Humoral Response to Pfizer COVID Vaccine (NEJM)

CDC Lab Alert: Changes to RT-PCR for COVID Testing

NIH COVID Booster Update

Viral Load, Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated in Groups with Delta Variant

Pfizer Vaccine 6-Month Safety & Efficacy: NEJM Study

COVID & Corticosteroids: NIH Treatment Guidelines

Curcumin With Piperine for the Treatment of COVID

Severe COVID & Misdirected Antibodies: New Research Shows Connection

How Does Natural COVID Immunity Compare to Vaccine Immunity?

CDC Overview on COVID Vaccine Booster Shots 

HHS Public Health & Medical Experts' Statement on COVID Booster Shots

WHO is Monitoring a New COVID Variant Called "Mu"

Israel's Warning About the High Transmissibility of Delta

Can Saliva Spread COVID? Latest Study

Delta COVID Variant Transmitted Before Symptoms Emerge

The Deadly Beta COVID Variant: New Data

COVID: Loss of Smell & Taste Recovery Time 

COVID Immune Evasion by Epsilon & Lambda Variants

Effectiveness of COVID Vaccines Against Delta Variant (NEJM Study)

Risk for COVID, Hospitalization, & Death By Age Group (CDC)

What's New With COVID Treatment Guidelines

How COVID Infects Cells & Why Delta is So Dangerous (Nature)

COVID Lambda Variant Shows Higher Transmission Rate & Vaccine Resistance

After 6 Months, Pfizer Vaccine Protection Wanes

Breakthrough COVID in Vaccinated HCPs (NEJM)

Safety & Efficacy of the Pfizer Vaccine After 6 Months: New Research

Vaccines Alone Won't Counter COVID Variants

COVID Arm & the Moderna Vaccine: A Case Series (JAMA)

CDC Is Investigating Myocarditis in Adolescent Vaccine Recipients (NYT)

Blood Marker of COVID Vaccine Efficacy (Nature Journal)

Children With COVID Do Not Show Typical Symptoms: A Study of 12,306 Pediatric COVID Patients

Possible Side Effects Following COVID Vaccination (CDC)

Are There New Side Effects With AstraZeneca & Janssen COVID Vaccines?

Wearing Masks Outdoors - Is It Still Necessary? (NYT)

Do Immunosuppressive Medicines Worsen COVID Outcomes?

A Guideline to Limit Indoor Transmission of COVID

Common COVID Vaccine Administration Errors

Does Exercise Prevent COVID?  A Study in 48,440 Patients (BMJ)

Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Home (CDC Guidance)

Delayed Local Reactions to COVID Vaccine (NEJM)

COVID Infection After Vaccination

Post-Acute COVID Syndrome Overview  

Origins of the COVID Virus Resource (WHO)

Vaccine Mismatch: Dose 1 Then Plans Change

Variants of COVID May Lead to False Negative Results: FDA Letter to HCPs

COVID Infects the Mouth’s Cells (NIH)

COVID & Audio-Vestibular Symptoms 

BMI & Risk for COVID (MMWR)

Most COVID Hospitalizations Due to 4 Conditions (NIH)

Why Is Long COVID Now Called PASC?

SARS-CoV-2 Receptor-Binding Domain & its Preference for Blood Group A

Can Toothpaste & Mouthwash Inactivate COVID?

Symptomatic Protective Action of Licorice in COVID?

Vitamin D - Does it Prevent or Treat COVID?

COVID Outbreak Among Attendees of an Exercise Facility (CDC)

Dying From COVID: What It's Like

What is “Coronasomnia”?

Lasting Immunity Post-COVID (NIH)

Tracking the COVID Vaccine Distribution by State

Underlying Medical Conditions & the COVID Vaccine (CDC)

Direct Comparison: Flu vs COVID (Lancet)

Masks & Prevention of COVID in Health Care Settings

Accurately Characterizing Asymptomatic COVID (Lancet)

Second Dose of COVID Vaccine - Should it be Delayed?

Underlying Medical Conditions & the COVID Vaccine (CDC)

Alcohol & COVID Lockdown

Nosocomial COVID Containment (CDC)

UK COVID Variation Is More Transmissible

COVID Timeline (New York Times)

Are Outcomes of Patients Hospitalized With COVID Improving? (JAMA)

Telogen Effluvium & COVID

COVID Survivors: the Lingering Loss of Smell & Taste

In-flight COVID Transmission: New Research

CDC Holiday Celebrations Guidance 

Calcium Channel Blockers & COVID

Measurement of Facemask Efficacy for Filtering Expelled Droplets

CDC Guidance Update for Isolation & Immunity During COVID-19

Drinking Alone During COVID-19, Lockdown, & Alcohol-Related Harm (Lancet)

COVID-19 Presenting as Stroke


Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Alzheimer's Disease