AllMedLibrarian™ Chat Scope of Service

AllMedx™ is excited to provide an innovative, free new service for our health care professional users: AllMedLibrarian™ Chat! This service gives you access to our on-staff medical librarian on both desktop and mobile. Our medical librarian is a degreed professional and is ready to help you answer clinical questions quickly by efficiently utilizing our more than 7,000,000 links to articles.

The medical librarian hosting AllMedLibrarian Chat can:

  • Show you how to access and effectively search the large assortment of resources on AllMedx

  • Suggest specific resources that might be useful to consult on a clinical question

  • Provide limited mediated searches for clinical questions

    • Mediated search includes designing an optimal search strategy in AllMedx and providing instructions on how to best sort and review search results. You are responsible for reviewing results and retrieving articles.

    • Mediated search consultations will be limited to 20 minutes.

  • Refer you to library and information services at your own organization or local area.

Although we wish our medical librarian and AllMedLibrarian Chat could do everything our users request, here are some functions that are outside our scope. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the following:

  • Provide research assistance for literature reviews, systematic reviews, or school assignments

  • Provide interlibrary loan or document delivery services

  • Provide full text of any articles not already available directly through links on our site

  • Provide editing, reference management, or publication assistance

  • Interpret or explain the meaning of any document, article, or resource

  • Provide critical appraisal for any resource or provide determinations about the strength of evidence

  • Provide medical, legal, or diagnostic advice.


The information and resources available on AllMedx™ are provided for informational and educational purposes only. While AllMedx makes every effort to provide accurate and authoritative information, AllMedx does not control the content of the resources provided. The user agrees to hold AllMedx harmless from any claims, losses, damages, obligations, or liabilities relating to the use of information obtained from these services. AllMedx is not intended to provide certainty with respect to diagnosis, recommend a product or therapy, or substitute for the clinical judgement of a qualified health care professional. The provision of any information or materials, and the identification of other resources that may be useful in obtaining additional information cannot be construed as legal or medical advice.