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All About ALLMedicine™ 

Like ALLMEDX.com, ALLMedicine™ was designed by and for physicians, and is a directory of 12,000 disease states on the AllMedx.com site. AllMedicine™ is organized by medical specialty, to make it even easier for doctors to find the clinical information they need quickly. The disease states are prepopulated with the latest links in the most important categories, including clinical guidelines from 230 medical societies, drug and dosing information, clinical trials, review articles, news, and patient education. You will also find information on 7,000 rare diseases, more than any other web site.

We hope you find ALLMedicine™ easy to use, perhaps even addictive, as you browse through thousands of preselected searches of 12,000 disease states. From rare diseases such as Aagenaes syndrome and Zollinger Ellison syndrome, to common chronic conditions such as Diabetes and Asthma, the AllMedicine™ library of curated links is the largest resource of clinical disease-state topics every assembled. ALLMedicine™, all credible, all the time.

Using ALLMedicine is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. From the drop-downs, select a specialty. You can choose from 38 different specialties, so choose your own specialty or any other in which you are interested. Also try out specialties that all health care professionals will likely be interested in, including Rare Diseases, Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, and Drug Abuse Medicine. You will then see the Main topics show in the second dropdown. See this example for Oncology:

  2. Next, select a Main topic from the second dropdown under the specialty. These are high level topics such as Stroke, Lung Cancer, Diabetes, and Epilepsy. There are hundreds of these to choose from overall, and approximately 30 per specialty. You will then see the Detailed topics show in the third dropdown. See this example for Lung Cancer: 

  3. Finally, select a Detailed topic linked to the Main topic in the dropdown. This is where the 12,000 different disease states for all specialties are located. See this example for NSCLC, where there are 28 different detailed topics for this disease in the NSCLC Center on AllMedicine. 

We’re looking forward to hearing about your experience with ALLMedicine and ALLMEDX, so please let us know how we’re doing and how we can improve. We appreciate your partnership and thank you for accompanying us on this journey to redefine clinical search!

Click here to access ALLMEDX's ALLMedicine™