About Our Collections

ALLMEDX searches through a carefully curated collection of professional clinical content meant to help health care professionals (HCPs) find answers to clinical questions. Included are links to nearly 2 million (and growing) high quality URLs, including journal articles, clinical guidelines, medication databases, medical news, and much more.

Our proprietary curation of Pubmed includes articles across all specialties from approximately 1,000 journals, which were selected based on their Impact Factor and readership levels. To make your searches quicker and easier, we have eliminated article types that practicing HCPs would likely not be interested in, such non-human, preclinical, and others. If you are seeking a specific article that is older than 10 years, is Phase 1 research, or a small study conducted outside the US, it is best to check https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed, the National Library’s comprehensive literature collection of more than 28 million articles.

Our medication database is from DailyMed, the National Library of Medicine site that provides trustworthy information about marketed drugs. DailyMed is the official provider of FDA label information (package inserts). Also included in our database are links to the branded web sites of marketed drugs.

We have also included a large number of links to articles from medical publishers and medical associations, and are continually adding more. If you would like to submit links for consideration to be included, please email our Editorial Director at cnathan@allmedx.com.

We are continually adding more content sources, and will update this section regularly.

It is our hope that ALLMEDX will provide U.S. HCPs quick access to answers to clinical questions.

About ALLMEDX Proprietary Clustering

Each search result is further examined by the ALLMEDX search engine to look for commonalities among the specific results presented. For instance, a search for “adult strabismus” yields 26 results and lists them in order of relevance. Simultaneously, it identifies “clusters” of articles focused on strabismus quality of life, strabismus post surgery, and use of adjustable sutures. Clicking on the clusters refreshes the screen with the desired results. Clicking on a + sign at the front of a cluster title shows further, selectable details about that cluster.

About ALLMEDX Previews

On most search results, ALLMEDX places a “Preview” button at the end of the citation title. Selecting Preview allows the source to appear in a new generation pop-up (also called Lightbox) window, giving the user the chance to review the citation without leaving the ALLMEDX site. Of course, you may always just select the title link which will open the article fully on the source web site in a new window. The home page tab of AllMedx with the search results will continue to stay open.

About Advertising on ALLMEDX

ALLMEDX is available to registered HCPs at no cost because advertisers are given the opportunity to display relevant citations with links to further information on their sites. Advertising is identified in the same way it is in other search engines. At no time do sponsors have any influence on ALLMEDX search results or their ranking order.

About Free Full Text

Access to free full text is available on ALLMEDX with many, but not all, links. HCPs who are subscribers to a given publication that is indexed in Pubmed, or who access ALLMEDX through computers with library privileges are more likely to see the full text of articles.