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Natural History and Development of Spondyloarthritis

Jan 31st, 2023 - The purpose of this protocol is to study the natural history of spondyloarthritis (SpA) in children and adults. Spondyloarthritis encompasses a spectrum of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases that exhibit overlapping features, but differ from other types of inflammatory arthritis in genetic predisposition, pathogenesis, and outcome. Ankylosing spondylitis (AS), the most common form of SpA, fr...

The California Home Abortion by Telehealth (CHAT) Study

Feb 3rd, 2023 - There are 2 components to the study: A clinical records review on all patients A survey study on a subset of patients who agree to participate. Clinical Records Review: We will examine medical chart data on all patients from partnered telehealth providers to analyze efficacy and safety outcomes for medication abortion. These medical chart data will include medical/pregnancy history and abortion...

A Study of the Life Changes Experienced by Patients With Pancreatic Cancer

Feb 3rd, 2023 - The purpose of this study is to better understand what types of transitions people with pancreatic cancer face when they receive chemotherapy. Again, this study defines transition as a change in a life situation or a status that causes a change in a person's identity, role, behavior, or personal relationships. Examples of transitions include changes in sleeping habits, anxiety, employment, rela...

Phase II Randomized Trial of Bethesda Protocol Compared to Cambridge Method for Detection of Early Stage Gastric Cancer in CDH1 Mutation Carriers

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Background: Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (HDGC) is most often attributed to inactivating germline mutations in the E-cadherin (CDH1) tumor suppressor gene. Mutation carriers have a 24-70% lifetime risk of developing gastric adenocarcinoma. International consensus guidelines recommend endoscopic screening and surveillance of CDH1 mutation carriers who decline risk-reducing total gastrectomy...

CT-Based Changes in Bone and Marrow Among Patients on Oral Steroids

Feb 3rd, 2023 - This study aims to prove that emerging CT-based tools are suitable to measure changes in central and peripheral bone density, geometry, micro-structure, and marrow adipose tissue (MAT) among patients treated with oral steroids. To do this, investigators will recruit 10 non-smokers (defined as < 10 pack-year smoking history) age 25-45 years with a diagnosis of severe, persistent asthma who eithe...

A Cluster-randomized Trial to EValuate the Efficacy of Wolbachia-InfecTed Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes in Reducing the Incidence of Arboviral Infection in Brazil (EVITA Dengue)

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Study Design Introduction:This will be a parallel design cluster randomized controlled trial with 3 years (3 seasons) of follow-up from initial deployment of mosquitoes. The intervention will be routine control measures, as recommended by the Brazilian National Control Program (larvicide using PPF at individual house visits at least 4 times a year), in the presence or absence of the deployment ...

OPTImal PALliative Anti-epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Treatment in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer -

Feb 3rd, 2023 - The primary aim of this prospective study is to investigate if cfDNA in plasma is feasible and reliable for selection of mCRC patients who will benefit of anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody therapy Secondary, to analyze developments in mutational status as reflected by cfDNA in plasma during therapy and at time of progression

Mindfulness as Treatment of Sexological Problems

Feb 3rd, 2023 - BACKGROUND: Prevalence of sexual dysfunction is high, although estimates are variable. For men, the reported level of sexual difficulty, taking all conditions into account, is around 33% or up to 46%. For women, the reported level of sexual difficulty is higher, with estimates up to around 66%. Sexual dysfunctions are associated with a negative impact on the quality of life in both men and wome...

Chemoradiotherapy With or Without Atezolizumab in Treating Patients With Localized Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

Feb 3rd, 2023 - PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: I. To compare bladder intact event-free survival (BI-EFS) for concurrent chemoradiation therapy (CRT) with and without atezolizumab in localized muscle invasive bladder cancer (MIBC). SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: I. To compare overall survival between the two arms. II. To compare modified bladder intact event-free survival including cancer related death between arms. III. To compare...

Trial of Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Nivolumab and BMS-813160 With or Without GVAX for Locally Advanced Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinomas.

Feb 3rd, 2023 - The purpose of this study is to evaluate if the combination of nivolumab and a CCR2/CCR5 dual antagonist (BMS-813160) with GVAX is safe in patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC) who have received chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and to see if this combination therapy enhances the infiltration of CD8+CD137+ cells in PDACs .

Drug Use Investigation of Xofigo, Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer With Bone Metastases

Feb 3rd, 2023 - This is a local, non-interventional, multi-center, single-cohort study using primary data of patients treated with Xofigo for the indication of castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) with bone metastases. A total of 300 patients (valid for safety analysis) are enrolled within 18 months. During the observation period (i.e. up to 6 months), safety and effectiveness information is collected. ...

Collection of Clinical Data and Specimens for Research on Head and Neck and Communication Disorders

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Study Description: It may be in the interest of the NIDCD Clinical Research Program (CRP) to collect clinical data or specimens generated in the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck or communication disorders and to evaluate patients to determine candidacy for intramural clinical studies. This protocol will provide the administrative vehicle to enable the evaluation and provision of clinica...

The Influence of Maternal Age, Employment Status, and Parenthood Status on Children's Cognitive Development

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Research and theory concur in suggesting that certain maternal activities have both immediate and protracted consequences for children's cognitive development in the first years of life. Two conceptually distinct categories of caretaker-child interactions can be identified: social and didactic. These encompass much of the everyday behavior of infants' caretakers. There are data linking both of ...

Radiation Therapy With or Without Olaparib in Treating Patients With Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Feb 3rd, 2023 - PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: I. To compare the invasive disease-free survival (IDFS) of patients with inflammatory breast cancer receiving concurrent administration of olaparib with standard doses of radiotherapy to the chest wall and regional lymph nodes compared to standard doses of radiotherapy alone to the chest wall and regional lymph nodes. SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: I. To compare the effect of concurren...

Repository for Inherited Eye Diseases

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Molecular genetics has the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of inherited eye diseases. Progress in research on inherited eye disease would be augmented by the availability of patient DNA coupled to robust, anonymous phenotypic information. The National Ophthalmic Genotyping and Phenotyping Network (eyeGENE(R)) has been created to answer this need. By creating a national DN...

Moving Together: An Online Group Movement Program for People Living With Memory Loss and Caregivers

Feb 3rd, 2023 - The investigators will perform an RCT with a 12-week delayed start control group in 224 dyads of PWMLs and CGs. The primary outcome in PWML will be self-rated quality of life (Quality of Life in Alzheimer's Disease, QOL-AD). Secondary outcomes will include: a) self-reported emotional well-being; b) self-reported social isolation; c) self-reported mobility; and d) directly assess cognitive perfo...

A Study of CIN-107 in Adults With Primary Aldosteronism

Feb 3rd, 2023 - This is a multicenter, open-label study in adult patients with PA to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of CIN-107 after up to 12 weeks of treatment, at doses from 2 to 8 mg per day, for the management of blood pressure in patients with primary aldosteronism (PA).

Custom-made Versus Prefabricated Zirconia Crowns for Primary Molars.

Feb 3rd, 2023 - This study is a randomized, 12-month follow up clinical trial. According to sample size calculation, ten patients will be selected in conjunction with departments of Pedodontics and Crowns & Bridges. The study will be conducted in accordance with the principles of the Research Ethics Committee, Faculty of Dental Medicine for Girls, Al-Azhar University, Egypt. The purpose of the investigation an...

Placebo-controlled, Study of Concurrent Chemoradiation Therapy With Pembrolizumab Followed by Pembrolizumab and Olaparib in Newly Diagnosed Treatment-Naïve Limited-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer (LS-...

Feb 3rd, 2023 - The purpose of this study is to compare overall survival (OS) and progression free survival (PFS) per Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors Version 1.1 (RECIST 1.1) as assessed by blinded independent central review (BICR). Hypothesis (H1): Concurrent chemoradiation therapy with pembrolizumab followed by pembrolizumab plus olaparib is superior to concurrent chemoradiation therapy alone wi...

Implementation of a System-level Tobacco Treatment Intervention

Feb 3rd, 2023 - In particular the study aims to see if participants are asked about their smoking status and what services are offered if someone indicates being a former or current smoker. Findings from this study will help improve a standard of care at this clinic and allow us to understand what type of tobacco treatment services are preferred by patients. Adaption of CEASE will entail exit interviews with p...