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GA/Spinal vs. GA/Spinal/NMB for Operative Repair of Hip Fracture

Aug 13th, 2018 - Eighty-four ASA I-IV patients presenting for operative repair of an unstable intertrochanteric femur fracture will be enrolled. This will include fractures classified according to the Orthopaedic Trauma Association / Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Osteosynthesisfragen (OTA/AO) classification system as 31A2.2, 31A2.3, 31A3.1, 31A3.2, and 31A3.3.15 After consent and upon arrival to the operating room, p...

Effect of Affective Content on Drug Induced Amnesia of Episodic Memory

Dec 23rd, 2015 - The protocol "Effect of Affective Content on Drug Induced Amnesia of Episodic Memory" investigates the relationship between the ability of affective ('emotional') content to modulate the formation of episodic memory, and the memory impairment ('amnestic') effects of several common intravenous anesthetic drugs. Because memory modulation by affective content appears to be a distinct memory proces...

Effects Of PF-02545920 On Ketamine-Induced Abnormal Prefrontal Brain Response To Associative Learning In Healthy Subjects

Mar 20th, 2014 - The study was terminated on November 2, 2012 due to a reassessment of the likelihood of the study meeting its scientific objectives in light of data with the investigational drug obtained from another clinical study. The decision to terminate the trial was not based on any safety concerns.

Comparing Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Jan 18th, 2012 - There is no general agreement about the ideal gas for pneumoperitoneum. CO2, now in common use, has not compared to N2O sufficiently to disclose which one has minimal "physiological" invasiveness characters. Assigned randomly to carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide group, the hemodynamic and respiratory parameters (heart rate, mean arterial blood pressure, end-tidal CO2, minute ventilation, and O2 s...

Effects of Thoracic Epidural Analgesia and Surgery on Lower Urinary Tract Function: A Randomized, Controlled Study

Dec 14th, 2011 - Postoperative urinary retention (POUR) is one of the most common complications after surgery and neuraxial anesthesia of which the treatment of choice is bladder catheterization 1. It has been a common practice to place an indwelling catheter in the bladder in patients receiving epidural analgesia and to leave the catheter as long as the epidural analgesia is maintained despite a lack of eviden...

Bioequivalence and Wear Study of Mylan Fentanyl Transdermal System 25 µg/h and Mylan Fentanyl Transdermal System

Mar 31st, 2008 - The objective of this study was primarily to investigate the bioequivalence and secondly to assess the wearability (adhesion) and acute irritation of Mylan fentanyl transdermal system with and without an overlay system following a single 25 µg/hr application worn for 72 hours.

The Ratio of Hypnotic to Analgesic Potency of Volatile Anesthetics

Aug 20th, 2018 - Anesthetic agents vary in their relative hypnotic potency. Recent studies demonstrated that equi-minimum alveolar concentration of various volatile anesthetic agents may produce different spectral entropy or bispectral index values. However, there is no study that demonstrate the difference between analgesic potency of volatile anesthetics. The aim of this clinical trial is to evaluate the rati...

Safety and Efficacy of Local Anesthesia in Emergency Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Jun 19th, 2016 - The outcome parameters measured included intraoperative conditions, postoperative conditions and long-term follow-up conditions.

Comparison Between Nurse-Administered Propofol Sedation and Diazemuls / Pethidine in Outpatient Colonoscopy

Dec 2nd, 2007 - Colonoscopy is a common endoscopic procedure as an investigation of colorectal pathology. Different modalities of pain control have been described in the past. Propofol is a perfect drug for endoscopic procedure since it has the characteristic of fast onset, short half-life and early recovery. Its unfamiliarity and its potential cardiovascular and respiratory side effect make it unpopular to en...

Topical Application of GTN 0.4% in the Treatment of Anismus Following Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy

Jan 24th, 2011 - This study wants demonstrate that the use of 0.4% nitroglycerin ointment can reduce the postoperative pain related to anorectal spasm (anismus) while performing a stapled haemorrhoidopexy.

Hair Testing to Assess Consumption of Illicit Psychotropic Agents and Alcohol by Patients Treated With High-dose Buprenorphine and Methadone. Search for a Pharmacogenetic Contribution to Low Effica...

Methodology: The two populations of patients, one treated with methadone, the other with HDB, will be recruited in accordance with the ethical principles of the declaration of Helsinki, during consultations at a center for addiction treatment. One hundred and ten patients will be included in each of the two populations. Written informed consent will be obtained from each patient. Anonymity will...

Magnesium Infusion for Pain Relief After Thoracotomy. A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Feb 17th, 2013 - All patients were premedicated with oral midazolam 5-15 mg. one hour before surgery. In the operating room, each patient was monitored with noninvasive blood pressure, ECG and pulse oximetry. After the patient was anesthetized, direct blood pressure, end-tidal carbon dioxide tension (ETCO2) and esophageal temperature were monitored. Choice of anesthesia was general anesthesia with double lumen ...

International Substudy Enigma2 on Postoperative Cognitive Disorders

Aug 5th, 2018 - Numerous studies questioned the routine use of nitrous oxide (N2O), the oldest anaesthetic agent used since the development of anaesthesia care. Despite its wide use, there is sufficient doubt as to the risk-benefit profile. There is strong evidence that N2O is a major risk factor for postoperative nausea and vomiting. It is clear that (even) brief exposure to N2O impairs methionine synthetase,...

Effect of Body Mass Index on the Dose of Intrathecal Hyperbaric Bupivacaine for Elective Cesarean Section

Jul 29th, 2009 - Spinal anesthesia is the most common anesthetic technique used for Cesarean section. It offers many advantages over epidural and general anesthesia. However, one of the limitations of spinal anesthesia in Obstetrics is the use of a single shot technique as the continuous technique is associated with unacceptable incidence of PDPH. It is difficult to predict the exact level of sensory block beca...

Staccato Fentanyl Single and Multidose PK

Mar 14th, 2017 - The Phase I clinical trial in approximately 50 healthy volunteers will be conducted at a single clinical center in two stages. Stage 1 is an open-label, cross-over comparison of a single dose of Staccato Fentanyl and an equivalent dose of intravenous (IV) fentanyl. Stage 2 is a randomized, doubleblind, placebo-controlled dose escalation of Staccato Fentanyl, evaluating multiple doses of fentany...

Efficacy and Safety of 5% Lidocaine Patch With Placebo Patch in Subjects With Herpes Zoster Associated Pain

Nov 13th, 2017 - This is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study designed to assess the efficacy and safety of 5% lidocaine patch, following placebo or active patch applications in placebo insensitive subjects.

Quality of Analgesia After Interscalene Block After Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Sep 7th, 2016 - The interscalene brachial plexus block (ISBPB) is a common analgesic technique for procedures of the shoulder and upper arm. Moreover, the incidence of rebound pain is well documented and is often of considerable discomfort to patients, who may quickly go from little or no pain to moderate-severe pain. Continuous nerve block techniques with home ambulatory catheters are currently utilized to ma...

S Ketamine Use in Total Abdominal Hysterectomy

Sep 6th, 2015 - In recent times it has been suggested that NMDA receptor antagonist like ketamine when used in small doses helps reducing postoperative pain and opioid consumption without compromising wakefulness and or causing its psycho mimetic adverse effect . The clinical utility of S+ ketamine as an adjuvant intra-operatively remains controversial. The NMDA receptor activation and subsequent biochemical p...

The Effect of Sonophoresis on Topical Anesthesia: A Pilot Study

Nov 20th, 2016 - Fifty healthy patients between the ages of 18 and 50 will be used for this clinical trial. The anatomical site used for this clinical trial is the maxillary mucobuccal fold above the canine eminence. This site has been selected because it is an anatomical structure that is easily found for all subjects and is reproducible from one side of the patient to the other. One side of the patient's maxi...

Remifentanil for Preventing Propofol Injection Pain in Elderly Patients

Jan 10th, 2018 - Elderly patients show different pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic variables and usually need smaller doses of anesthetic drugs than younger patients. The purpose of this study was to investigate the optimal effect-site concentration of remifentanil for preventing injection pain during propofol induction in elderly patients by the Dixon's up-and-down method.