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PortionSize Study 1 Laboratory-based Evaluation)

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Accurately quantifying food intake is vital to promoting health and reducing chronic disease risk. Food intake encompasses energy intake, nutrient intake (macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals), and intake of various food groups (e.g., fruits, vegetables), and thus reflects the nutritional status of individuals. Nutrition affects disease risk, including risk of developing obesity, ...

Personalized Modulation of Microbiota

Feb 3rd, 2023 - The 60 volunteers participating in the study who meet the inclusion criteria, will be randomly divided into two groups: Control group (nutritional promotion): volunteers will be provided with basic nutritional recommendations based on a Mediterranean diet. Experimental group (Nutribiota): volunteers will be instructed to follow a dietary strategy similar to the control group, but including the ...

Body Composition in Preschool Children

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Body composition of the children was assessed using the deuterium technique. Total body water (TBW) content was calculated. Then, fat free mass (FFM) and fat mass (FM) was calculated. Weight and height of all children were using a standard technique. Body mass index and nutritional status was calculated using World Health Organization (WHO) growth standard for children 0-5 years. Dietary intake...

NASH Fitness Intervention in Thrombosis Trial (NASHFit)

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Often comorbid with obesity, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the leading cause of chronic liver disease in the United States affecting 75-100 million adults, of which 15-20 million have the more severe variant nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Conservative estimates project a doubling in NASH by 2025.The most advanced forms of NAFLD are associated with increased liver-related mor...

Developing a Program for Transition to Adult Care for Youth With Chronic Conditions : a Mixed Method Study

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Investigation in 3 steps the transition of young people with chronic diseases. FIRST STEP: qualitative survey. Interviews with carers, young people and parents. Chronic Diseases studied: epilepsy, HIV, sickle cell disease, obesity. SECOND STEP: Delphi consensus survey. Vote on internet : carers, patients' associations, young people and family. Chronic Diseases studied: all. THIRD STEP: validati...

Long-Term Follow-Up of Survivors of Pediatric Cushing Disease

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Objective: Cushing Disease (CD) describes the state of hypercortisolemia secondary to cortisol producing pituitary adenomas. The rarity of the disease (2-5 new cases per million, 1 out of 10 in children) and the subtle initial findings result in prolonged undiagnosed hypercortisolemia, that increases the risk for significant complications, including obesity, height deceleration, hyperlipidemia,...

Inflammation, Diabetes, Ethnicity and Obesity Cohort

Feb 3rd, 2023 - The Inflammation, Diabetes, Ethnicity and Obesity (IDEO) cohort is recruiting 350 individuals from various ethnicities, covering a spectrum of weight and Diabetes risk. The study is looking for participants between the ages of 18-75 years that are healthy with or without diabetes with a stable weight. The study will also like to include people who are slated to undergo any type of bariatric sur...

Children s Growth and Behavior Study

Feb 3rd, 2023 - This study aims to disentangle the varying disinhibited eating patterns, or eating behavior endophenotypes, that lead to excessive weight gain and obesity-related comorbidities in youth. Extensive baseline evaluations, including three separate experimental paradigms, and annual follow-up assessments will assist with identifying biopsychosocial mechanisms that appear to increase risk for, and ma...

Predicting Weight Gain and Weight Loss Associated With Overeating or Fasting

Feb 3rd, 2023 - For obese individuals, losing weight and keeping it off are extremely difficult, whereas some other individuals are thin and report trouble gaining weight. In most weight loss and overfeeding studies there is a large variation in the amount of weight lost or gained, and it is not clear whether an individual s response to an intervention can be predicted. Measurement of the amount of energy an i...

The Personalized Nutrition Study

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Obesity and its comorbidities are major public health challenges. To combat the obesity pandemic, many weight-loss strategies have been studied, often emphasizing either high carbohydrate (low fat) diets or high fat (low carbohydrate) diets. Mean weight loss differences between high-carbohydrate and high-fat diets that induce equal caloric deficits have been reported to be small; however, the i...

ERX1000 - Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetic, and Pharmacodynamic Study in Male and Female Subjects With Obesity

Feb 3rd, 2023 - The primary objective is to assess the safety and tolerability of single and multiple oral doses of ERX1000 in obese subjects.

Success & Health Impacts For Transit Drivers During Onboarding

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Epidemiological evidence indicates that bus driving is associated with increased risk for obesity and some chronic diseases, and that it is time for interventions. In this regard, the early transition into bus driving has been neglected. Not only are interventions lacking for new employees entering potentially obesogenic occupations, but workplace training and socialization programs for new hir...

Optimizing Health From Pregnancy Through One Year Postpartum

Feb 3rd, 2023 - The perinatal period, from pregnancy through the first postpartum year, has important implications for women's health. Excessive gestational weight gain is linked to deleterious health outcomes; yet most women exceed guidelines established for gestational weight gain , particularly women who begin pregnancy overweight or obese. These women are likely to remain overweight or obese at one year po...

A Study of Safety and Efficacy of MK-1986 (Tedizolid Phosphate) and Comparator in Participants From Birth to Less Than 12 Years of Age With Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections (MK-19...

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Participants will be randomized (3:1) to receive tedizolid phosphate at a weight-based dose ≤200 mg/day, intravenous (IV) and/or oral suspension for 6 to 10 days, or comparator IV and/or oral per local standard of care for 10 to 14 days. The switch from IV to oral administration can be made at any time based on 1) no worsening of the primary skin lesion, 2) last temperature <37.7 °C, and 3) pri...

Individualized Lifestyle Intervention for Obesity Management Based on Obesity Phenotypes

Feb 3rd, 2023 - The purpose of this protocol is to define an "individualized diet" approach based on obesity related phenotypes (pathophysiology obesity classification), which would increase weight loss, adherence, and weight loss maintenance.

Thyroid Function in Sick and Healthy Preterm Infants Admitted in NICU of Assiut University Children Hospital

Feb 3rd, 2023 - The most common thyroid function disorder in premature infants is physiological hypothyroxinemia, followed by hypothyroidism of non-thyroidal causes. In pre-maturity, several factors can inhibit the conversion of peripheral T4 to T3, including hypoxemia, acidosis, infections, hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia and malnutrition . Some rare conditions include transient secondary/tertiary hypothyroidism, ...

Safety and Efficacy of Bimagrumab and Semaglutide in Adults Who Are Overweight or Obese

Feb 3rd, 2023 - This study investigates if bimagrumab in addition to semaglutide is able to preserve/increase muscle mass in the presence of weight and/or fat mass loss.

Effect of Colon Delivered Vitamin C on Gut Microbiota and Related Health Biomarkers in Healthy Older Adults

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Recent studies have shown that many vitamins, if consumed in high daily dosages or delivered to the colon, can modulate the gut microbiota and their metabolites. In parallel, gut microbiota imbalances are linked to diseases, e.g., obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, and intestinal inflammatory diseases. Therefore, vitamin administration could offer health bene...

Early Metabolic Effects of Dolutegravir or Tenofovir Alefenamide in Healthy Volunteers

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Study Description: Integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs) are a class of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs currently included in first-line therapy to treat HIV infection. Several observational trials have shown that one side effect of this class of ARVs is involuntary weight gain. How these drugs cause weight gain is unknown. In addition, these marketed drugs are formulated in combination with...

Laparoscopic Single Anastomosis Sleeve Ileal Bypass Versus Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy for Morbid Obesity

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Sleeve gastrectomy is an established therapeutic option for morbidly obese patients without preexisting gastroesophageal reflux disease. The novel single anastomosis sleeve ileal bypass (SASI) procedure is already introduced in Norway at a private high-volume bariatric hospital. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of SASI in comparison to an established bariatric procedure, i.e...