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A Study to Evaluate Subcutaneous Daratumumab in Combination With Standard Multiple Myeloma Treatment Regimens

May 20th, 2022 - The hypothesis is that the addition of daratumumab administered SC to standard MM regimens will improve responses compared to response data observed in completed phase 3 studies without daratumumab. Disease evaluations will include measurements of myeloma proteins, bone marrow examinations, skeletal surveys, assessment of extramedullary plasmacytomas, and measurements of serum calcium corrected...

A Long-term Extension Study of PCI-32765 (Ibrutinib)

May 20th, 2022 - This is an open-label (identity of assigned study drug will be known) study designed to collect long-term safety and efficacy data and provide ibrutinib access to participants in completed ibrutinib studies. PCI-32765 (Ibrutinib) is a first-in-class, potent, orally-administered, covalently-binding small molecule inhibitor of bruton's tyrosine kinase. "PCI-32765" and "ibrutinib" refer to the sam...

Early Tracking of Childhood Health Determinants (ETCHED) Study

May 20th, 2022 - Approximately 50% of Pima Indian children from diabetic pregnancies develop T2DM by age 25. Since intrauterine exposure to diabetes leads to a higher risk of diabetes in the offspring, the risk might be greatly diminished by preventing diabetes during pregnancy or ameliorating its effects. Standard prenatal and obstetrical care has not been able to abolish this excess risk in the Pima Indians, ...

Near-infrared Spectroscopy and Electroencephalography to Assess Cortical Activation During Motor Tasks in Infants and Toddlers With and Without Cerebral Palsy

May 20th, 2022 - OBJECTIVE Portable neural imaging during functional tasks is now possible utilizing noninvasive near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) which identifies areas of brain activity by measuring blood flow dynamics and electroencephalography (EEG) which measures electrical activity on the cortical surface. Use of these technologies for studying movement is rapidly increasing; however, investigations in ch...

M7824 and Topotecan or Temozolomide in Relapsed Small Cell Lung Cancers

May 20th, 2022 - Background Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is an aggressive cancer with a poor prognosis. Although highly responsive to chemotherapy initially, SCLC relapses quickly and becomes refractory to treatment within a few months. Extrapulmonary small cell cancers are extremely rare and management of systemic disease with chemotherapy is patterned after the approach used in SCLC. The inability to destroy...

A Study of JNJ-64619178, an Inhibitor of PRMT5 in Participants With Advanced Solid Tumors, NHL, and Lower Risk MDS

May 20th, 2022 - The study is designed to determine the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) of JNJ-64619178, and to select a dose(s) and regimen(s) that may be used in future clinical development. Study evaluations will include safety, pharmacokinetics, biomarkers and efficacy evaluations (Disease Assessments). Adverse events will be evaluated throughout the study. The study is divided into 4 periods: a screening phas...

Evaluating Mepitel in Post-mastectomy Patients and the Role of the Skin Microbiome in Radiation Dermatitis

May 20th, 2022 - The aim of this study is to examine alterations in the skin microbiome that occur during radiation therapy. The study design will examine changes secondary to ionizing radiation, and correlate these changes with the development and severity of radiation dermatitis. The goal is to improve understanding of the mechanism of radiation dermatitis.

Immunogenicity of the 9-Valent Human Papillomavirus Recombinant Vaccine in People With Idiopathic CD4 T Cell Lymphocytopenia

May 20th, 2022 - As observed in other immunocompromised individuals with selective or combined T cell deficits, the prevalence and morbidity of human papillomavirus (HPV)-related disease is increased in patients with idiopathic CD4 T cell lymphocytopenia (ICL). The high burden and aggressive clinical course of HPV-associated disease in patients with ICL requires the development of effective preventive measures ...

Pembrolizumab, Ixazomib Citrate, and Dexamethasone in Treating Patients With Relapsed Multiple Myeloma

May 20th, 2022 - PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: I. To determine the overall response rate (>= partial response [PR]) of pembrolizumab in combination with standard doses of ixazomib citrate (ixazomib) and dexamethasone, in patients with relapsed symptomatic multiple myeloma (MM). SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: I. To determine the >= very good partial response (VGPR) and complete response (CR) rate of pembrolizumab added to standard ...

A Study of Androgen Receptor (AR) Antagonist Apalutamide in Chinese Participants With Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

May 20th, 2022 - The purpose of this study is to evaluate pharmacokinetics (PK) following a single dose and multiple dose treatment and the safety of apalutamide in Chinese participants with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) at dose of 240 milligram (mg).

Sample Collection From Healthy Volunteers for Assay Optimization

May 20th, 2022 - The Laboratory of Immune System Biology plays a major role in fostering the growth of systems biology efforts across the National Institutes of Health, in large measure through its development of new tools for high-throughput data generation and complex systems modeling. The lab s experimental component requires ongoing assay development and optimization, which depend on the availability of hum...

Study of Telisotuzumab Vedotin (ABBV-399) in Participants With Previously Treated c-Met+ Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

May 20th, 2022 - This study is designed to identify the target Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) population(s) that over express c-Met (c-Met+) best suited for telisotuzumab vedotin therapy in the second line or third line setting (Stage 1) and then to expand the group(s) to further evaluate efficacy in the selected population(s) (Stage 2).

A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Bimekizumab Compared to an Active Comparator in Adult Subjects With Moderate to Severe Chronic Plaque Psoriasis

May 20th, 2022 - This is a study to compare the efficacy of bimekizumab versus secukinumab in subjects with moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis (PSO).

The DETECT Study: Discovery and Evaluation of Testing for Endometrial Cancer in Tampons

May 20th, 2022 - BACKGROUND: Endometrial cancer is the most common and second deadliest gynecological cancer in women in the United States, with over 63,000 new cases and 11,000 deaths expected to occur in 2018. Unlike most cancers, endometrial cancer incidence and mortality are increasing, due to increases in risk factors such as obesity and population aging. Racial disparities in endometrial cancer incidence ...

A Study to Investigate the Safety and Efficacy of ZS in Patients With Hyperkalemia.

May 20th, 2022 - This study will be conducted in approximately 35 centers in China. Before patients are randomized to the double-blind phase, they will receive open-label ZS for 24 or 48 hours during the initial phase. It is expected that approximately 490 patients will need to be enrolled, to have approximately 280 patients entered into the open-label initial phase resulting in 250 patients being randomized in...

A Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy Study of Intracerebroventricular BMN 190 in Pediatric Patients < 18 Years of Age With CLN2 Disease

May 20th, 2022 - BMN 190 is a recombinant form of human tripeptidyl peptidase 1 (TPP1), the enzyme deficient in patients with CLN2 diseases (also known as classical late-infantile CLN2, cLINCL, or Jansky-Bielschowsky disease), a form of Batten Disease. As an enzyme replacement therapy (ERT), BMN 190 is designed to help restore TPP1 enzyme activity. BMN 190 is designed to reduce the progressive, pathologic accum...

Establishment of a Perinatal Database and a Bank of Biological Materials

May 20th, 2022 - The aim of this project is to establish a clinical database and a bank of biological materials which will be used to improve the pathophysiologic understanding of the mechanisms underlying various pregnancy diseases. The US-Mexico Reproductive Health Research Development Workshop, sponsored by the NIH, recommended that the setting up of "tissue, blood, and placental banks from human and relevan...

Prospective Studies of the Natural History of Diabetes Mellitus and Its Complications in the Gila River Indian Community

May 20th, 2022 - This project is a continuation of an extensive longitudinal population-based epidemiological investigation of the etiology and determinants of type 2 diabetes (and its complications) and formerly arthritis. The original baseline observations were made on the residents of the Gila Indian Reservation, predominantly Pima Indians, in 1965. We attempt to reexamine the population at two-yearly interv...

Physicians' Understanding of Human Genetic Variation

May 20th, 2022 - In recognition of the emerging social and scientific research related to assessing the complex relationships between self-identified race, ancestral origin and the genetic components of diseases, it is important to study physicians and other health professionals knowledge of human genetic variation and how they interpret and apply race, ethnicity and human genetic variation in their clinical de...

Molecular Basis of Human Phagocyte Interactions With Bacterial Pathogens

May 20th, 2022 - Human phagocytic cells such as polymorphonuclear leukocytes (neutrophils or PMNs) are readily mobilized to sites of infection and ingest microorganisms by a process known as phagocytosis. The combined effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and antimicrobial peptides released into forming bacterial phagosomes kill most ingested bacteria. However, many bacterial pathogens have devised means to ...