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MedJ-01 Ridaforolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System Trial (JNIR)

Mar 15th, 2023 - This study aims to evaluate MedJ-01 safety and efficacy for de novo or restenosis lesion with target vessel diameter of 2.5mm to 4.25, for subjects undergoing coronary artery stent implantation. The target population is subjects undergoing PCI for angina (stable or unstable), silent ischemia (in absence of symptoms a visually estimated target lesion diameter stenosis of ≥70%, a positive non-inv...

Pilot Study of the Safety and Tolerability of L-DLPFC iTBS rTMS for MDD in MS

Mar 15th, 2023 - The main purpose of this study is to investigate the safety and tolerability of intermittent Theta Burst (iTBS), its effectiveness in alleviating depressive symptoms, concomitant neuropsychiatric symptoms such as anxiety and fatigue in people with MS, as well as its effects on cognition. Although iTBS repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is approved for use in major depressive di...

Subjective Intraoperative Use of Epidural Steroid Administration Following Discectomy

Mar 15th, 2023 - Intraoperative epidural administration of steroids following discectomy for herniated lumbar disc has been the topic of multiple studies in the literature. The results have been mixed, with the majority of the studies finding some benefit, but outcomes have varied drastically amongst the many studies. The aim of this study is to develop a grading scale for intraoperative assessment of nerve roo...

MS-553 in Diabetic Retinopathy Patients With Central Involved Macular Edema

Mar 15th, 2023 - This is an open label dose-escalation study to evaluate the safety and treatment benefits of MS-553 in treatment-naive diabetic retinopathy patients with central involved macular edema. Fifteen subjects with diabetic macular edema will be enrolled into each of three dose cohorts and will receive oral administration of MS-553 for 8 weeks.

Effect of Bimekizumab in Patients With Psoriasis Vulgaris and Active Psoriatic Arthritis

Mar 15th, 2023 - This study is being conducted to evaluate the effects of bimekizumab administered subcutaneously (SC) to patients with psoriasis vulgaris and who also have active PsA who have an inadequate skin response to anti-interleukin (IL)23 therapy. Approximately 20 adult subjects with psoriasis vulgaris and active PsA who have an inadequate skin response to anti-IL23 will receive bimekizumab 320 mg solu...

Home Transfusion for HEME

Mar 15th, 2023 - This feasibility study will be used to assess the feasibility and acceptability of a hospice-embedded home transfusion program to patients with hematologic malignancies. All enrolled subjects will be patients cared for at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. This study is a single-arm study of 10 patients with advanced hematologic malignancies who have a limited life-expectancy of six months or fewer ...

Innovations in Genicular Outcomes Registry

Mar 15th, 2023 - The registry will capture prospective data on patients receiving pain management for chronic pain due to knee osteoarthritis (OA) or pain optimization for knee arthroplasty due to knee OA. The OA pain therapies may include cryo nerve block, radiofrequency ablation (RFA), intra-articular (IA) corticosteroids, viscosupplementation, opioids, and others (e.g., non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ...

Soft Robotic Sock Intervention for Robot-assisted Ankle-foot Mobility in Post-stroke Patients

Mar 15th, 2023 - Stroke is one of the top medical conditions resulting in high mortality among patients in hospitals, where complications related to immobility such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and/or ankle joint contracture can affect patients in their road to recovery. Patients may often take months or even years to fully recover their limb functions, where certain activities of daily living cannot be easily...

Study of AGB101 in Mild Cognitive Impairment Due to Alzheimer's Disease

Mar 14th, 2023 - The primary objective of the study is to evaluate the efficacy of AGB101 on slowing cognitive and functional impairment as measured by changes in the Clinical Dementia Rating-Sum of Boxes (CDR-SB) score as compared with placebo in participants with mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer's Disease (MCI due to AD) also known as prodromal AD. Participants will be randomized to receive placebo ...

A Study of Belantamab Mafodotin in Patients With Relapsed or Refractory AL Amyloidosis

Mar 14th, 2023 - This is an open-label, multicenter, Phase 2 study in subjects with previously treated patients with light chain (AL) amyloidosis in need for therapy. Approximately 35 subjects will receive therapy with belantamab mafodotin. Subject participation will include a Screening Phase, a Treatment Phase, a Post-Treatment Observation Phase, and a Long-term Follow-up Phase. A safety run-in will be conduct...

SARS-COV2 Pandemic Serosurvey in a Rare Disease Population

Mar 14th, 2023 - It has been demonstrated that respiratory virus outbreaks and pandemics, such as influenza, SARS, MERS, and now the newly emerged SARS-COV2 virus, have a major impact on morbidity and mortality worldwide, as well as having devastating global economic and societal impact. During these outbreaks it is critical to gain a rapid understanding of the exposures and immunity in the general population. ...

Phage Therapy for the Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection

Mar 14th, 2023 - This is a single-patient, phase I/II clinical trial that aims to evaluate the potential of bacteriophage therapy to treat and prevent the recurrence of a drug-resistant urinary tract infection. This study will follow a minimally invasive phage therapy approach consisting of oral, topical and bladder installations of a 3-phage cocktail comprised of HP3, HP3.1 and ES19. Oral and bladder installat...

Advancing Vaccine Equity Through Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy, Barriers, and Trust

Mar 14th, 2023 - Objective 1: To identify reasons for vaccine hesitancy, structural barriers to vaccination, vaccine messaging received, and vaccination behavior among medically underserved and vulnerable populations living in the rural south. Objective 2: To assess vaccine messaging from trusted individuals (e.g., clergy/church leaders, community health workers, and community leaders) who serve medically under...

Capsaicin for Cerebral Perfusion Augmentation

Mar 14th, 2023 - Subjects The study is expected to enroll 30 participants who will be recruited from the Internal Medicine outpatient clinic. Those willing to participate will be asked to sign the informed consent form (ICF) and will received the assigned dose of capsaicin. Half of the participants in each dose group will receive stimulation on either left or right side of the palate, but TCD measurements will ...

Efficacy of Duloxetine Compared to NSIADs in Osteoarthritis of Knee

Mar 14th, 2023 - This will be a 13-week A randomized open labelled clinical trail in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, that will be designed to assess the efficacy of duloxetine tablet compared with other group (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory) drug on the reduction of pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee. Patients will be divided into two groups, first group (case) will receive duloxetine tablet 30mg for two weeks t...

DIStal Versus COnventional Radial Access for COMPLEX Large-bore Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Mar 14th, 2023 - The radial artery has become the standard vascular access site for most percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) and is recommended by the most recent 2018 European Society of Cardiology/European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery guidelines on myocardial revascularization, irrespective of clinical presentation. Patients undergoing PCI of complex coronary lesions, such as a chronic total ...

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy and Increasing COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake Among African American Young Adults in the South

Mar 14th, 2023 - The study staff will recruit and enroll 360 AA-YA from communities in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. After collecting informed consent, participants will be randomized using block randomization to the control condition or TT-C (remote), each with a balanced 180 participants (N=360). The standard of care (SOC) control will be the provision of COVID vaccine materials from the CDC. After sc...

A Study to Evaluate the Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Pharmacodynamics of Olpasiran in Participants With Various Degrees of Hepatic Impairment

Mar 14th, 2023 - The primary objective of the study is to evaluate the pharmacokinetics (PK) of a single dose of olpasiran in participants with mild, moderate, or severe hepatic impairment compared to participants with normal hepatic function.

Perception in Parkinson's Disease

Mar 14th, 2023 - For this study, the investigators propose to conduct an online study of PwPD (proposing a total of 60 participants) to examine the relations among variables that may relate to perception in PD. Participants will be recruited via online research platforms such as the Fox Trial Finder, as in our previous studies. Those PwPD who express interest will be sent a link to an online survey (Qualtrics)....

The Effect of NAD Supplementation on Brain Vascular Health in Aging

Mar 14th, 2023 - This study is designed to test the hypothesis that restoration of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) levels with Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) in older adults will improve neurovascular coupling (NVC) responses and micro- and macrovascular endothelial function. This hypothesis will be tested by assessing the effects of treatment with oral NR (1g/day per os for 8 weeks) or placebo (8 weeks) in...