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Multiple Components of Socioeconomic Deprivation Contribute to Cognitive Decline

Aug 9th, 2022 - Several studies presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2022, held July 31 to August 4 in San Diego, California focused on the intersection between socioeconomic status and cognition, finding that greater deprivation increased risk for dementia and cognitive decline. The investigators at the University of Luxembourg in Esch-sur-Alzette evaluated 10-year follow-u...

TPOXX Hard to Obtain Even After Monkeypox Emergency Declaration

Aug 9th, 2022 - On August 4, US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra declared monkeypox a public health emergency. The long-anticipated announcement followed the examples set by the World Health Organization and the states of California, Illinois, and New York. But that's apparently not enough to ease access to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)–approved antiviral drug tecovi...

Gene Variants Found to Protect Against Liver Disease

Aug 9th, 2022 - Rare gene variants are associated with a reduced risk for multiple types of liver disease, including cirrhosis, researchers say. People with certain variants in the gene CIDEB are one-third less likely to develop any sort of liver disease, according to Aris Baras, MD, a senior vice president at Regeneron, and colleagues. "The unprecedented protective effect that these CIDEB genetic variants hav...

Underweight in early childhood persists
MDedge Family Medicine; Kate Johnson

Aug 8th, 2022 - Healthy children who are underweight in the first 2 years of life continue with a lower-than-average body mass index and height-for-age through age 10, according to new research. The association was most pronounced for girls, as well as for children with lower growth rates, write the authors of the prospective Canadian cohort study published in JAMA Network Open.

Endometriosis and infertility – Combining a chronic physical and emotional pain
Mark P. Trolice, MD

Aug 8th, 2022 - Pain is classified as chronic when it lasts or recurs for more than 3-6 months (“Classification of chronic pain” 2nd ed. Seattle: IASP Press, 1994).

NAMS affirms value of hormone therapy for menopausal women
Heidi Splete

Aug 8th, 2022 - Hormone therapy remains a topic for debate, but a constant in the 2 decades since the Women’s Health Initiative has been the demonstrated effectiveness for relief of vasomotor symptoms and reduction of fracture risk in menopausal women, according to the latest hormone therapy position statement of the North American Menopause Society. “Healthcare professionals caring for menopausal women should.

Concerns that low LDL-C alters cognitive function challenged in novel analysis
Ted Bosworth

Aug 8th, 2022 - PCSK9 inhibitors, which are among the most effective therapies for reducing LDL cholesterol (LDL-C), are associated with a neutral effect on cognitive function, according to a genetics-based Mendelian randomization study intended to sort out through the complexity of confounders. The same study linked HMG-Co A reductase inhibitors (statins) with the potential for modest adverse neurocognitive e.

Is prostasin a clue to diabetes/cancer link?
Richard Mark Kirkner

Aug 8th, 2022 - People with elevated levels of protein prostasin seem to have a higher risk of developing diabetes and dying from cancer, according to a large, prospective, population-based study. The finding may provide new insights into why people with diabetes have an increased risk of cancer.

Many patients with acute anterior uveitis may have undiagnosed spondyloarthritis
Ashley Lyles

Aug 8th, 2022 - More than half of patients with noninfectious acute anterior uveitis seen in ophthalmology clinics in a new cross-sectional study were found by rheumatologists to have spondyloarthritis (SpA), prompting the researchers to recommend referring “all patients with AAU reporting musculoskeletal symptoms to rheumatologists. ” The results also suggest that “rheumatologists should consider that SpA in A.

Commentary: Conditions Associated with AD, August 2022
Jonathan Silverberg, MD, PhD, MPH

Aug 8th, 2022 - Jonathan Silverberg, MD, PhD, MPH Atopic dermatitis (AD) is truly a fascinating disease! Despite the thousands of scientific manuscripts published on AD, more novel insights keep coming about the clinical manifestations and risk factors of this condition. This month is no exception.

Industry payments to GIs, hepatologists decreasing after 2016
Tara Haelle

Aug 8th, 2022 - Industry payments to U. S.

New flavored nicotine gums, lozenges, and gummies rank second among nicotine products used by U.S. teens

Aug 8th, 2022 - Flavored oral nicotine products, which contain no tobacco but are not FDA-approved to help people quit smoking, are increasingly marketed and sold in the U.S., but researchers have never measured their use among U.S. teens. In a new study, published this week in the journal Pediatrics, researchers from the Keck School of Medicine of USC surveyed more than 3,500 Southern California teens about t...

Fatigue, headache among top lingering symptoms months after COVID

Aug 8th, 2022 - AUGUSTA, Ga. (Aug. 8, 2022) – Fatigue and headache were the most common symptoms reported by individuals an average of more than four months out from having COVID-19, investigators report. Muscle aches, cough, changes in smell and taste, fever, chills and nasal congestion were next in the long line of lingering symptoms. “Our results support the growing evidence that there are chronic neuropsyc...

Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease in Diabetes-Related Foot Disease Clinical Practice Guidelines (DFA, 2022)

Aug 8th, 2022 - A new Australian guideline for diagnosis and management of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in diabetes was published in July 2022 by the Australian Diabetes-Related Foot Disease Guidelines working group and an expert panel, with the authorization of Diabetes Feet Australia (DFA), in Journal of Foot and Ankle Research . Guideline recommendations were adopted or adapted from International Worki...

Change Makers: Matt Sause on the Future of Diagnostics

Aug 8th, 2022 - Dr Whyte speaks with Matthew Sause, President and CEO of Roche Diagnostics North America, about the future of diagnostics and its role in early detection, healthcare inequities, and everyday convenience. This transcript has been edited for clarity. John Whyte, MD: Welcome everyone, I'm Dr. John Whyte and you're watching Change Makers: The Future of Health, where we interview CEOs who are changi...

Long COVID Is Frustrating. That Doesn't Mean We Should Lose Hope

Aug 8th, 2022 - Let's face it: Long COVID is frustrating, not only for the patients who are suffering but also the families suffering alongside them. It is also frustrating for healthcare professionals who are still looking for a better understanding of this mysterious syndrome. I would like to make three points to help put this frustration in context. Long COVID is complicated. Patients with long COVID have d...

Diagnosing Cannabis Allergies; Polio Found in Wastewater; and Identifying Violent Patients

Aug 8th, 2022 - How to Diagnose and Treat Cannabis Allergies As medical and recreational cannabis becomes legal and more popular — as of 2022, cannabis use for medical purposes is legal in 37 states — the importance of physicians' ability to diagnose patients and manage cannabis allergies increases, according to experts. Variety of reactions: Allergic reactions include rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma, skin re...

Monkeypox Cases Around the World

Aug 8th, 2022 - (Reuters) - More than 80 countries where monkeypox is not endemic have reported outbreaks of the viral disease, which the World Health Organization has declared a global health emergency, as confirmed cases crossed 27,800 and non-endemic countries reported their first deaths. Below are the non-endemic countries that have reported monkeypox-related deaths: BRAZIL reported its first death on July...

US Administers Over 7300 Novavax Vaccine Doses: CDC

Aug 8th, 2022 - (Reuters) - The United States has administered more than 7,300 doses of Novavax Inc's COVID-19 shot, which health officials hope will convince more people to opt for vaccinations as it is based on a technology that has been in use for decades. Over 330,000 doses of Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine have been distributed in the United States, and more than 2,300 people have been fully vaccinated, accor...

Onset and Awareness of Hypertension Varies by Race, Ethnicity

Aug 8th, 2022 - Black and Hispanic adults are diagnosed with hypertension at a significantly younger age than are white adults, and they also are more likely than Whites to be unaware of undiagnosed high blood pressure, based on national survey data collected from 2011 to 2020. “Earlier hypertension onset in Black and Hispanic adults may contribute to racial and ethnic CVD disparities,” Xiaoning Huang, PhD, an...