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Pfizer to Invest More Than $2.5 Billion to Expand European Manufacturing

Dec 5th, 2022 - NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pfizer Inc is investing more than $2.5 billion at its drug making plants in Belgium and Ireland, gearing up to launch new products it hopes can replace lost revenue as patents expire and COVID-19 vaccine sales decline. The drugmaker said on Friday it plans to spend more than 1.2 billion euros ($1.26 billion) to expand its Puurs, Belgium, manufacturing site, matching the inv...

Pfizer Applies for FDA Authorization for Omicron-Retooled Vaccine Booster in Kids Under 5

Dec 5th, 2022 - (Reuters) -Pfizer Inc and its German partner BioNTech SE said on Monday they have submitted an application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use authorization of their Omicron-adapted COVID-19 vaccine booster for children aged 6 months through 4 years. If authorized, children would receive the primary series consisting of two doses of the original Pfizer-BioNTech COVI...

Pandemic Delayed Treatment in Patients With CTCL, Study Finds

Dec 5th, 2022 - The early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic caused an average treatment delay of 3.2 months for 53% of patients with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL), results from a retrospective study of nine international centers showed. However, among patients with CTCL diagnosed with COVID-19 during that time, no cases were acquired from outpatient visits. "Delays in therapy for patients with cutaneous lymph...

Higher BMI May Dampen Steroid Response in Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Dec 5th, 2022 - New research suggests that body mass index (BMI) may influence response to topical corticosteroid (tCS) therapy for eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE). The higher the patient's BMI level, the lower the individual's response to tCS therapy from a symptomatic, endoscopic, and histologic perspective, researchers observed in a retrospective study. Because there are few clinical predictors of response t...

Medically Speaking, 2022 Was the Best Year Yet for Children

Dec 5th, 2022 - Headlines from earlier in the fall were grim: Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, life expectancy in the United States has fallen for 2 years running. Last year, according to health officials, the average American newborn could hope to reach 76.1 years, down from 79 years in 2019. So far, so bad. But the headlines don't tell the full story, which is much less dire. In fact, 2022 is the best year i...

United States to End Mpox Emergency Declaration

Dec 5th, 2022 - (Reuters) -Mpox is expected to no longer be considered a public health emergency in the United States from Feb. 1, 2023, the U.S. health department said on Friday. The months-long declaration was meant to tackle the largest-ever outbreak of cases in the country. The move signals that the crisis, which led to a spate of cases mostly among men who have sex with men, has come under control and wou...

How Many People Might Die, and Why, if China Loosens COVID Restrictions

Dec 5th, 2022 - SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China has started taking steps to ease its zero-COVID policy, fuelling a mix of relief and worry as the public waits to see the health consequences, and impact on the medical system, of a full-blown exit. Researchers have analysed how many deaths the country could see if it pivots to a full reopening, with most pointing to the country's relatively low vaccination rates and ...

Reckitt Expects US Infant Formula Shortage Until Spring

Dec 2nd, 2022 - LONDON (Reuters) - The near year-long infant formula shortage in the United States that prompted the intervention of the White House is likely to "persist" until spring, according to Reckitt Benckiser, the maker of what is now the biggest brand in the market, Enfamil. Panicked parents had earlier this year emptied the baby formula aisles at supermarkets after former top U.S. manufacturer Abbott...

FDA Approves Olutasidenib (Rezlidhia) for Certain Patients With AML

Dec 2nd, 2022 - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved olutasidenib (Rezlidhia) for use in certain patients with relapsed or refractory (R/R) acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Specifically, the drug is approved for use in patients who have R/R AML with a susceptible isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1) mutation as detected by an FDA-approved test. The FDA also approved the Abbott RealTime IDH1 Assay t...

CDC to Expand Testing Wastewater for Polio; Book Reveals Faults in FDA Approvals; and Fewer Meals a Day Linked to Death

Dec 2nd, 2022 - CDC to Test Wastewater for Polio in MI, PA The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will expand wastewater testing for polioviruses to more communities in Philadelphia and Michigan. The new testing will take place in counties with "potentially low polio vaccination coverage" or places linked to the single case of paralytic polio discovered in Rockland County, New York, in July — the...

Roivant, Pfizer Launch Unit to Develop Inflammatory Disease Drug

Dec 2nd, 2022 - (Reuters) -Roivant Sciences and Pfizer Inc on Thursday announced the launch of a unit to develop RVT-3101, the drugmakers' treatment for an inflammatory bowel disease. The drug's efficacy as a treatment for ulcerative colitis is currently being assessed in a mid-stage study. Under the terms, biotech firm Roivant will be responsible for funding the development and will retain commercialization r...

Why Is Life Still So Hard for Female Surgeons?

Dec 2nd, 2022 - Women are better surgeons, particularly for female patients, according to a study recently published in JAMA Surgery. The study showed that male and female patients do a lot better after a procedure if a woman had performed the operation. In addition, a significant proportion of surgical trainees are women ― 37% of trainees younger than 34 years are women, according to figures from the German M...

FDA Expands List of Getinge IABP System and Component Shortages

Dec 2nd, 2022 - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today issued a letter to healthcare providers describing a current shortage of Getinge intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) catheters and other components. Earlier this week, the agency announced shortages of the company's Maquet/Datascope IAB catheters, new Cardiosave IABP devices, and Cardiosave IABP parts. The new notification adds Getinge Maquet/Datasco...

Cancer Prevention Program Needs Help to Increase Screenings

CDC's Colorectal Cancer Control Program (CRCCP) funds 25 states and 4 tribal organizations to promote and increase colorectal cancer screening population-wide. The findings presented in this study provide the first picture of CRCCP information resources and interests and point to specific gaps that must be addressed to increase screening.

Self-Reports vs. Examination-Based Heart Disease Risk Factors

Obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol are risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which accounts for about 20% of deaths in Washington State. For most states, self-reports from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System provide the primary source of information on these risk factors. This study compares prevalence estimates of self-reported obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol...

2022-2023 U.S. Flu Season: Preliminary In-Season Burden Estimates

Estimating Burden of Seasonal Influenza in the United States

Can Cannabis Help Patients With MS?

Dec 1st, 2022 - This transcript has been edited for clarity. Anne Cross, MD: Hello. I'm Anne Cross. Welcome to Medscape's InDiscussion series on multiple sclerosis. And today we're going to take on the somewhat controversial topic of the use of cannabis and cannabinoids in the treatment of symptoms in patients with multiple sclerosis. We have an expert to speak to us today about this, Dr Jacquelyn Bainbridge, ...

'Call to Action' for DPYD Testing Before Fluorouracil Chemo

Dec 1st, 2022 - The debate over whether or not to test for DPYD gene variants before administering fluoropyrimidine (FP) chemotherapy has erupted again among experts in the United States, where such testing is not recommended at present, unlike in Europe. Testing for DPYD variants and subsequent dose adjustment should be offered to US patients who are due to receive fluoropyrimidine chemotherapy, says Daniel L...

CDC Awards Over $3 Billion to Strengthen US Public Health Infrastructure

Dec 1st, 2022 - (Reuters) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Tuesday it is awarding more than $3 billion to help strengthen public health workforce and infrastructure across the United States after the COVID-19 pandemic put severe stress on them. The public health agency's funding includes $3 billion from the American Rescue Plan announced by President Joe Biden's administration las...

Japanese Biotech Firm Uses Tiny Worms in Test for Pancreatic Cancer

Dec 1st, 2022 - TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese biotech firm says it has developed the world's first early screening test for pancreatic cancer, using the powerful noses of tiny worms. Hirotsu Bio Science this month launched its N-NOSE plus Pancreas test, marketing directly to consumers in Japan and with aims to bring the test to the United States by 2023. Users send a urine sample through a special mail pouch to...